Why Your Mobile App Isn’t Making Any Good Results 

You probably have heard this many times.

Or subconsciously, you already know it.

It is that 70% of mobile users will simply hit the ‘back’ button when an app takes too long to load.

But it is true that these statistics are not going to stop you from making an app for your business.

If you already have made one, then that is good news.

However, it might not be able to give you that good result because there have been some sort of design issues in it or some technical errors.

Or maybe you didn’t study your customers in the best ways possible.

Well, now that you have come to this post, you will know more.

Let’s do that by scrolling down.

Why Your Mobile App Cannot Make Your Customers Happy

Many reasons come into play here.

An application might as well be coded software that is going to run on mobile devices (Smartphones and tabs). However, they might not be that popular in the first go.

Can you find any such application to be as faster and similar to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to be an app that people would always want?


Well, technically and non-technically speaking, here are a few reasons your app might not work.

And that is perfectly okay.

Let’s know about them here.

  • Your App Isn’t Original, i.e. It Might Have Copied a Bit
  • Okay, So Your App Has Got Too Many Features?
  • Poor Backend Support
  • Ignoring Beta Testing Sessions
  • Poor User Experience
  • Improper or failed Updates
  • Marketing the Application Improperly
  • And Not Researching the Market

We can now learn more about these points

Your App Isn’t Original, i.e. It Might Have Copied a Bit

Making a prototype of the app has been your golden opportunity to find out if it is an app that is unique.

If your app has no such special features that your customers are looking for, then why would they buy the app?

Other than that, the app can have similarities with the other apps that are popular in the market.

By not making your app that unique, you are making those other apps, i. e. your competitors, even more popular.

So, take note of that and start making your app uniquely.

A pro tip: make a completely unique user interface, to begin with.

Okay, So Your App Has Got Too Many Features?

All right, going unique is pretty good. But that doesn’t mean overstuffing your phone with good in-app features with sure work.

What you can do is to keep the design and usage of the app even simpler and better.

Again, your app needs to be unique. But you can still do that in the form of simplicity.

Poor Backend Support

So it seems that your app cannot manage traffic when it is made getting some heavy usage?

Applicable for apps such as mobile games and eCommerce apps, having healthy backend support can really make things work for you.

Using cloud technology to it best when working with this factor.

Ignoring Beta Testing Sessions

Few, and that means very few apps are found to be released without bugs, and they are only somewhat from 4% to 6%.

You see, it is nothing compared to billions of application users around the globe.

Why don’t you go for making a test of the app in the beta version?

In addition, make sure you are testing it in a way to enhance user experience and content delivery in the best ways possible.

Poor User Experience

As mentioned earlier, a poor user experience starting with the lag issue will mar things way more complicated.

Naturally, you are going to hire coders and other technicians in order to make it even better than what you thought in the beginning.

However, if a wonderfully made app fails at pleasing the audience, then there are no such reasons for making it.

User experience is probably the next most important thing in making an app besides the user interface.

It is just because of that user experience do people stick to an app. Just for that, customers can make quick decisions.

Maybe your user experience from a website has helped you decide to take out a very bad credit loans no guarantor direct lender. However, direct lenders are to be thanked for making such a good user experience for the website though.

Just like these direct lenders, you can make a difference than other premium applications you have used. People will be attracted to your application more and more. Soon, it will become the talk of the town.

Improper or failed Updates

Even if there are hardware problems and compatibility issues, you might find software to be a little glitch from time to time.

There is a greater process involved, and you cannot deny that. The phone OS is updated too. There might be areas where the updates in the OS and the ones in your App might not work in correspondence with each other,

That is something your customers won’t approve of.

In order to get them to the right spot, make sure your updates are happening from time to time.

And also, pay attention to the fact that your applications are working well with the updates and there are no such ailed updates. Trust it, and a failed update makes people frustrated with an app. 

Marketing the Application Improperly

So, the technical part is over.

But what do you see?

You see that people are still accessing your brand through its browser-based website willingly and are getting frustrated with the use-case scenario of the website too.

Or many of them are still unaware that you designed an app some months ago that works finer than the browser-based website of your brand.

Well, you may not have marketed it properly.

Believe it or not, you need more marketing than ever to promote an app to get people to download it because people would always prefer saving some memory in their devices and going for the less space-consuming browser.

Well, make your marketing give a strong statement and add something in the app that is much more interesting and easier to use in the app than on the website.

And Not Researching the Market

Last but not the least, the market should never ever be ignored

First, use tools from Google and other online market research tools to determine what the market is stating.

Find what your competitors are doing to ensure a good application is made from your side.

A good app cannot reach potential customers if it has been made without proper market research.

To Conclude

Always remember that the application you are making can have glitches to issues, malfunctions such as crashing and other non-technical problems such as poor market research.

These issues we are speaking about are very true, and you cannot say that your app is made perfect.

Well, we can solve the problem.

To do that, take time to make an app instead I rushing it.

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