Why Quran Is Important For Muslim

You are a Muslim then of course the Quran is going to be very important for you. Because you want to get the guidance and best guidance would be to read the Quran because it is giving you the guidance through Allah. You want to live the life according to the guidance of Allah then of course you need to read the Quran.

Detailed guidance

You will be very happy to know that in the Quran you will be provided the detailed guidance about anything you are looking for. Because Allah knows whatever you are looking for and whatever is going to be the benefit of you so whatever question you have you need to read the Quran and you will be able to get the answer accordingly. Let’s assume that you want to know that how you should live the life in the morning or how should you work and how you should help the people around then the Quran will answer you. 

The direct guidance from Allah

Let’s just imagine that you are getting the guidance through the Allah then it is the best guidance so why you will be getting the information from other people. You want to talk to Allah you want to see that what type of answers are going to be benefit you and you are thinking that how you can get the answers about the questions you have them that is why the direct guidance from Allah is available in the Quran. No wonder that even the non-Muslims are reading the Quran and seeing that what type of guidance are available in the Quran even if they are not Muslim.

Helping the pain

Some people see that if they are going to be reading the Quran and making it important for them then it is going to be very good because it will help you about your pain. You have the pain in your mind and in your body and now you are thinking that you should be relaxed. That is why it is important for you to read the Quran and make it important for you and hopefully it will make you relaxed.

Testament in the day of judgement

The hadees available on Online Quran Academy tells us that, Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him has said that the Quran is a proof for you or against you. It means that it is going to be testimony against or in the favor of you that you live in the life according to the Quran and according to the guidance of Allah or you do this life without reading the Quran and without the guidance of Allah.

Closer to Allah

When you are going to go to the Jannah and you want to see the Allah then it is going to be the best gift you will get in the Jannah. So if you want to get that gift and you want to become closer to Allah then you need to read the Quran and you will feel like Allah is talking to you. Whenever you are going to read the verse in the Quran then you will feel like you are getting closer to Allah and you will be feeling relaxed and pleasing that you are getting every information from who has built the whole world.

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