Why Motorcycle Insurance Is Difficult

Why Motorcycle Insurance Is Difficult

A motorcycle enthusiast definitely needs a policy. In theory, it is as easy to issue it as an OSAGO for a car. It is enough to contact the insurance company with the documents – your passport, vehicle passport, or vehicle registration certificate, rights, and application. This can be done in person at the office or online. In practice, everything turns out to be a little more complicated.

CTP policies for motorcycles are much cheaper than automobile ones. Moreover, a motorcycle is a seasonal transport, it is often assured not for the whole year, but only for a few warm months. If the price of the policy is below 1 thousand rubles, the insurance premium is minimal. At the same time, the accident rate of motorcycles is much higher than that of passenger cars, and some parts are more expensive. Therefore, motor vehicle insurance for an insurance company will always be unprofitable. This is where the root of all motorcycle insurance problems lies.

How insurance companies are avoiding motorcyclist insurance
The website of an insurance company that sells OSAGO will also offer a policy for a motorcycle. It may not be easy to find it on the main page. At the stage of data entry, the system starts to generate errors, information has to be entered more than once, often the application is eventually rejected, referring to incorrectly provided information.

To avoid these difficulties, motorists prefer to contact the insurance company directly. But even here they can expect an unpleasant surprise. There is a risk of finding out that allegedly this particular office does not insure motorcycles, you need to go to the main one, and before that, also conduct an on-site inspection of the vehicle. Some insurance companies necessarily offer to issue additional insurance products with OSAGO, for example, life insurance. All this is an attempt in any way to avoid issuing a loss-making OSAGO insurance company for a motorcycle.

Legal advice: how to get your motorcycle insured
Lawyers remain adamant: insurance companies do not have the right to refuse motorcycle owners to issue an OSAGO policy. And they offer to arm themselves with a list of laws that insurers need to be reminded of in a controversial situation. Managing partner of Leges-Bureau, member of the Association of Russian Lawyers Maria Spiridonova named specific articles of Russian legislation:

Paragraph 4 of Article 4 of the Law of the Russian Federation “On the organization of insurance business in the Russian Federation”: the objects of property insurance may be property interests associated with the risk of loss (destruction), shortage or damage to property (property insurance).
Clause 1 of Article 4 of the federal law “On OSAGO”: vehicle owners are required to insure the risk of their civil liability, which may occur as a result of harm to life, health or property of other persons when using vehicles.
Paragraph 2 of the same article: the owner of the vehicle is liable to insure his civil liability before the registration actions related to the change of the owner of the vehicle, but no later than ten days after the right to own it arises.
At the same time, Bank of Russia Regulation No. 431-P dated September 19, 2014 “On the Rules for Compulsory Insurance of Civil Liability of Vehicle Owners” allows you to choose any insurer for issuing an OSAGO policy. So if, according to the reviews, it is clear that motorcycles are reluctantly insured in some insurance company, you can safely go to another company that is more loyal to motorists.

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