Why is poultry so popular in US?

Plant-based foods may dominate the buzz these days, but when it comes to increased profits and increased customer retention, meat is still the best case. However, chicken continues to win favorite contests among shoppers for its value, versatility, health properties, and convenience. Chicken has been a popular choice for consumers since its introduction to delicatessens in the early 1990s. Highly regarded as an easy solution to an inexpensive, healthy meal and rated as a star product by retailers, fried chicken has become essential to boosting overall store sales. There is an insane amount of demand for chicken there are many poultries that are coming up and producing broiler chicken for sale.

 U.S. Agriculture Service According to the ministry, consumers have been increasingly choosing chicken over other meat proteins, including beef and pork, over the past decade.

 The gross demand for poultry is high for both fresh and cooked products. A recent study commissioned by the National Chicken Council (NCC) found that more than 9 out of 10 of his consumers buy chicken on a regular basis, proving that poultry is gaining popularity with people. It has been. However, the NCC survey found that a majority of consumers (89%) wanted more information about the chicken they buy and eat, including how freshness is communicated, cooking recommendations, and deciphering labels.

Therefore, retailers should actively educate shoppers on nutritional value, production practices, recipe ideas, and uses to increase purchase frequency and expand poultry into new meals such as breakfasts and snacks. , there is an opportunity to strengthen poultry programs. In the retail and food service industries, consumers are eating more chicken than ever before. The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that 31 billion pounds of chicken will be consumed in 2019, more than half of which will be purchased in grocery stores, member club warehouses, and similar markets. This equates to about 95 pounds of chicken per pound.

In addition to offering products and resources that reflect consumer values and demand for transparency, retailers and poultry producers should also provide tools and information to educate shoppers about the nutritional value of poultry. As consumers increasingly seek to live healthier lives, protein is a top priority when choosing the foods they eat. However, according to Nielsen, only 38% of consumers eat chicken. Considered a high protein food, nearly 32% considered peanut butter a high protein food. Today, 42% of consumers say chicken is high in protein, but this is only a small improvement.

Consumers also want to know the source of the chicken as in from which poultry is it coming. In the US there are several poultry farms but not all are very hygienic or breed their animals in a healthy manner. There are a few poultry farms that can be trusted for their chicken products and other animals too. The poultry farms are facing stiff competition to win the best poultry farm in US.

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