Why is MBA in UK a Prestigious Choice?


One of the most prestigious and sought-after study abroad programmes in the world, MBA in UK makes it one of the most well-liked study locations for international students.

With over 395 universities offering top-notch education, the United Kingdom is the second-largest educational hub in the world and a model for international students. Internationally recognized degrees earned in the UK help graduates land dream jobs or launch successful worldwide businesses.

Why Should Indian Students Seek an MBA in UK?

In the list of the top economies in the world, the United Kingdom stands alone. The UK universities were established with the primary goal of providing Indian students with the necessary training and education in a particular profession. The UK would be the finest option for further education if you chose to pursue a Master of Business Administration. Other important factors make the UK a fantastic option for Indian students who want to pursue an MBA.

Why MBA in UK?

The following are essential requirements for an MBA in the UK:

  • One-year course with outstanding instruction that links to industries
  • Scholarships

Outstanding Education:

Literally, MBA in UK for Indian students offers courses at UK institutions while preparing students with essential knowledge and skills through a combination of theoretical and application-focused instruction to improve comprehension. With regular lectures and workshops hosted by reputable business leaders, students have the opportunity to learn from seasoned experts, enhancing their exposure to and expertise of a particular field.

One Year Duration Course:

With a few exceptions for some basic management courses, most MBA programmes offered by UK universities are one-year programmes. This helps the students receive a high-quality education, and exposure to other cultures opens up work chances that allow them to quickly expand their expertise.

Linking with industries:

One of the main benefits for Indian students doing an MBA in the UK is that during numerous university-organized events, conferences, and lectures, students have the opportunity to network with top industry executives and experts.


There are a variety of financial restrictions when pursuing an MBA abroad. There are many universities in the UK that provide scholarships to help with financial aid.

Programme Concept of MBA in UK

You can earn money while taking this two-year study. Work and study for the first year of your MBA programme at Kings Cornerstone International College while continuing your MBA programme at Ulster University for the second year. Ulster University offers a full-time, international MBA programme that lasts for 18 months and includes work experience.

First 9 months in KCIC

  • Join the MBA programme in Chennai, and after the programme is through, you will be placed in a job.
  • You can enrol in sessions every weekday where we provide pre-in master’s business administration double credit, providing you the chance to complete all programme requirements.
  • In order to guarantee 5 days of practical exposure and 2 days of classroom exposure, job placement will be dependent on chosen expertise.
  • By graduating in less than a year, you can save money on tuition and other costs.

Last 9 months in University of Ulster

  • Get a compensated part-time job in the UK and relocate to University of Ulster, London.
  • Work and study for the remaining nine months of the degree in London.
  • Broaden your lifetime master’s in business administration career career’s comprehensive managing understanding and skills.
  • The last nine months’ fees are very low, luring students who are careful with their money.
  • After Ulster, obtain a 2-year work visa to demonstrate your proficiency in translating your knowledge into practical work settings.

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