Why Is Induction Motor So Prevalent In Industries?

Motors do one primary job, to convert one energy to another, which could be electrical or mechanical, depending on the type of motor. Several classifications of motors are based on their type of supply. Take the case of DC motors and AC motors. Under these two major types, there are still various motors, including Reluctance, PMDC, DC Shunt, Stepper, Synchronous, and Induction Motors. Among all these different kinds, induction motors are the most preferred by industries. While this kind of motor comes in two main types, a 3 phase induction motor remains the most popular. These are the reasons why they are so popular.

What Is An Induction Motor?

This alternating current motor produces torque by its reaction between the stator’s varying magnetic field and the current induced in the rotor coils. It is the most common and modest electrical motor from its construction point of view. However, the working principle of these motors is induction. This makes them the most preferred option in residential, industrial, and commercial settings.

Why Are They So Popular?

Several reasons come into play regarding the preference for induction motors. Some of these reasons include:

They Are Self-Starting

Unlike synchronous motors, induction motors are self-starting. Looking at the synchronous motors, the rotor has to be rotated through a separate means until it achieves the synchronous speed. However, for induction motors, the self-starting feature makes them the most preferred choice and simple to use.

They Are Available In Different Torque And Speed Ratings

Different industrial applications demand different speed ratings when handling other loads. Induction motors seem to provide this and an easy way to control that speed. The speed for synchronous motors remains the same as it rotates synchronously.

They Are Robust

All induction motors, including the 1 phase induction motors, are robust. They have stronger mechanical construction, making them ideal for use in demanding industrial environments. The other types of motors do not seem to withstand such environments.

They Do Not Use Slip Rings And Carbon Brushes

Most industrial motors have slip rings and carbon brushes which usually produce much noise and error due to friction effects. This could easily result in fires due to the production of sparks. Furthermore, these carbon brushes and slip rings also lower the motor efficiency. This makes 3-phase induction motors the best choice because they do not have these carbon brushes and slip rings in their construction.

Less Costly

The simplicity and effectiveness of the induction motors make them less costly than synchronous motors. Some factors contributing to their relatively cheap cost are the low maintenance required lack of commutators, slip rings, and carbon brushes.

Improved Operation

Unlike other motors, DC or synchronous induction motors, including the 1 phase induction motors, can work great in dusty environments. This is because they do not require regular cleaning like other motors to function effectively.


Induction motors are more durable compared to other motors. This feature makes them ideal for a series of operations. Moreover, it will run for several years without cost or maintenance.

Induction motors are classified into two major types, single-phase and 3 phase induction motors. These motors remain ideal for industrial purposes because of their low maintenance, cost, speed control and load handling.


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