Who Needs to take a vitamin B-12 test and What’s the Procedure?

There is high importance of the presence of vitamins in our body. It ensures good health and smooth functioning of our body.

Vitamins are the most important nutrients in our body, without which we might feel weak and fatigued. But excessive intake of vitamins can have serious consequences. To remain safe, it is always best to know the Vitamin B-12 Test cost and get a vitamin B test done.  

Vitamin B-12 is an integral Vitamin that regulates several functions in the human body. It results in the formation of both red blood cells and DNA. Its importance in our lives gets reflected in this fact. Though our body does not produce it, Vitamin B-12 is essential for good health.

One has to consume this vitamin from external sources. The human body is designed so that it does not store vitamin B-12. To maintain a healthy level of vitamin B-12 in our diet, it is important to incorporate it into our daily food. Remember that it must be incorporated in small quantities every day as too much of this vitamin is not healthy either.

What Is A Vitamin B-12 Test?

A vitamin B-12 test determines the amount of this vitamin in body fluids like blood and urine. It is done to ascertain the exact amount of vitamin B-12 present in our body. Before conducting this test, know the vitamin B-12 test cost.

Vitamin B-12 is needed by our body to facilitate many bodily processes. It is responsible for promoting the proper functioning of the nerves. It also assists in the production of RBCs and DNA, reflecting its importance in blood formation.

If the vitamin B-12 is not up to the mark or lies outside the normal range, it is best to conduct treatment to cure it. The results obtained from the vitamin B-12 test help the doctors in determining whether the unusual symptoms are caused by the rise or fall of vitamin B-12 levels.

Who Should Get A Vitamin B-12 Test Done?

Doctors advise full body checkups every six months to make sure that there is nothing unusual happening with your body. Similarly, it is important to get your body checked for B vitamins so that any abnormal signs or symptoms can be detected. In order to detect the levels of vitamin B-12 present in your blood, it is best to check the vitamin B-12 test cost. Those who are suffering from the following signs and symptoms must get a vitamin B-12 test done:

  • Racing heartbeat
  • Weakness or fatigue- This happens due to a deficiency of RBCs in the blood
  • Tingling in the hands and feet
  • Dementia
  • Confusion
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weakness

Your doctor might order you to take vitamin B-12 if he suspects that you have symptoms of Pernicious Anemia. In this condition, there is a lack of red blood cells in your blood. It usually occurs when your intestines fail to absorb vitamin B-12. As a result, there is a decrease in the RBCs production. The average age of diagnosis of this illness is 60, while the symptoms are usually visible in people above 30 years.

Some symptoms of Pernicious Anemia include:

  • Exhaustion
  • Pale skin
  • Constipation
  • Inflammation of the tongue which makes it red
  • Bleeding gums


Procedure Of The Vitamin B-12 Test

Since vitamin B-12 is present in the urine and blood, the levels of this vitamin can be checked in two ways. Also, do not forget to have a look at the vitamin B-12 test cost before going for it.

1. Blood test

One can check the level of vitamins present through blood tests. The doctor will collect the blood sample from a vein after inserting a needle inside.

2. 24-hour Urine Sample Test

A urine sample is collected in a specific container and sent to the laboratory for testing. 

The Bottom Line

It is important to conduct a vitamin B-12 test to determine the levels of this vitamin present in the body. Do not forget to consult the doctor regarding the vitamin B-12 test cost.

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