Which Problems Are Detected by Urine Lab Tests?

A urine test or urinalysis is a common screening of urine to detect health issues. It is referred to as a basic method to access bodily health. The basic purpose of this test is to check the content and chemical of urine. It is preferably recommended by a physician to screen for kidney and urinary tract infections. Sometimes, you have to take this test to find the underlying cause of a health problem. So, you can find urine lab tests near me by visiting the nearest urgent care center. These medical facilities are easily accessible in these centers at affordable prices. Also, you can get the urine examination done without long waiting in queues.

Procedure and types

The pee examination is a simple test that is performed in the physician’s clinic or in the clinical lab. You will be provided a clean cup by the lab assistant. Take the cup to the washroom and fill it with the urine sample as instructed. After that, you will have to hand over the cup to the lab technician. There are several types of urinalysis that are performed in clinical practice.

Complete urinalysis

This test work to detect the physical chemicals and microscopic characteristics of the urine.

Rapid urinalysis

This test is helpful in detecting renal abnormalities and is assessed with strips.

24-hour urine collection

This test can detect renal function and other abnormalities. The urine will be collected 24 hours before as a sample to get a clear analysis.

Diseases that detected by the urinalysis

Urinary Tract Infection

If you have a recurring urge to pee and your urine has a bad odor, chances are that you have UTI. Well, this is a common infection among males and females. With urine lab tests near me, you can detect this problem. The test can check the appearance, content, and concentration of urine. Hence, the infection could also be identified if the urine is cloudy, smelly, and painful. However, you can identify the underlying cause and get the right diagnosis for UTI.

Renal function

A urine test is also helpful in indicating kidney function in humans. The urine may appear red, brown, or purple if there is a kidney infection in the body. Also, kidney function might be interrupted due to certain health conditions. So, urinalysis is an important test that can detect the disease effectively. It can look for the presence of albumin in the urine. It is most preferably done in patients with type-2 diabetes. The urine analysis can also detect the creatinine ratio to examine the renal disease.

Cancer detection

You may be surprised to know that even a simple urinalysis can detect some types of cancer. It is actually an inexpensive cancer detection method invented by medical science. The urine sample can help in detecting cancer of the kidney, bladder, and ureter. If you have found blood in the urine, then it could be a sign of some types of cancer. However, bloody urine can also indicate stones in the kidney and urinary tract infections.

Drug testing

A simple urine routine test can also detect the presence of drugs in the body. The signs of drugs can remain for a certain period in the body of a person. Therefore, urinalysis can detect the presence of drugs in the urine. It can identify the substance of drugs with the specific ratio in the urine. The test works in the simple form of collecting samples and can be checked in the machine. It can detect several types of drugs like alcohol, cocaine, cannabis, opioids, and nicotine.

Body dehydration

Dehydration of the body can lead to problems related to kidneys and seizures. So, it must be detected by using urine sampling. Urine lab tests near me are fully certified to detect if a person is severely dehydrated. The urine sample can look for the color or appearance of urine stored in a tube. If the color of urine ranges from white to pale yellow, there is no dehydration. But if it appears as dark yellow and ranges to dark red, it indicates severe dehydration. So, if you are dehydrated, you will be advised to take fluids frequently. Severe dehydration can lead to heat stroke, which is the occurrence of uncontrollable body temperature.

Preparation for urine test

Before the urine test, you will be advised to intake fluids such as water. Usually, the physician will advise giving your first urine as a sample. If you are taking specific medicine, you may need to stop taking it. The specific medication can alter the results of urine sampling, and also, if you have vaginal discharge during menstruation, you should not give a urine sample.

To sum up

As you can see, a simple urine test can help diagnose many diseases. Therefore, you must look for urine lab tests near me to serve your purpose. This test will help you to know the overall health condition and for early diagnosis. This test is available to get at urgent care medical facilities at affordable prices. Also, you can get test results in a few minutes.

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