What makes electric head shavers a popular choice?

Modern head shaver or manual razors? This has been a widespread debate among the bald head people for over some time now. While traditional razors have been around since ancient times, modern electric head shavers came much later and are developed with the latest technology to improve the head shaving experience. The rising popularity of bald hairstyles has encouraged grooming brands to launch an exclusive range of head shaving products. Contrary to the past, head shaving has become a more common and regular grooming activity and has resulted in high demand for smart head shaving tools.

However, is a modern head shaver for men the ideal shaving tool for all? Well, some people believe so, but there’s no hard and fast rule here. Like many grooming products, choosing the head shaving tool is very personal. One cannot label a specific tool or device that is ideal for all. Given the wide range of options in terms of modern and traditional head shavers, one can choose the perfect head shaving tool for themselves. Both modern head shavers and traditional razors are available in multiple types; hence, making a choice can be head spinning. Each brand markets its products well to make it appear the best among the rest. But what’s important is to choose what best suits your requirements and budget.

Modern Vs Traditional head shaver

There’s no clear winner when discussing the comparative efficiency of modern and traditional head shavers. Head shaving is a very personal grooming activity, therefore it differs from one individual to another. For instance, some people prefer to have a refreshing foam-based shave, whereas some like to keep it quick and dry. Choosing the perfect head shaving tool becomes a lot easier based on what you want from your shave. There are multiple pros and cons to each of these head shaving tool that makes them a preferred choice.

The basic difference between a modern and traditional head shaver for men is the way the hair is cut and the preparation techniques required. In the case of manual razors, the hairs are trimmed with a single stroke of the blade whereas electric head shavers follow the scissor-like motion to cut the hairs. Other than this, a modern and traditional head shaver differ in terms of closeness of shave, portability, shaving time, price, etc. Since modern head shavers are an upgrade to the traditional razor, they excel in terms of speed, efficiency, and versatility. However, for those who like to have a close shave with a shiny smooth finish, there’s no better option than a traditional head shaver.

Key benefits of using modern head shavers

Modern head shavers have become essential in every head shaving kit owing to the high practicality they offer. Their modern ergonomic design and smooth shave technology ensure an effortless head shave within minutes. One doesn’t have to waste time in pre-shave preparations or deal with severe razor burns due to sharp razor blades. Most of these head shavers facilitate both wet and dry shaves that make head shaving quick and convenient. Compact design with a smart LED display and travel lock are some additional features of a modern head shaver that makes it a popular purchase among other shaving tools. The key benefits of an electric head shaver for men are discussed as follows:

  • Efficiency: Modern head shavers facilitate a quick and efficient head shave without much hassle. The blades in such shavers are evenly sharp and glide across the head surface smoothly and trim hairs in one go. One doesn’t have to move across the same areas repeatedly for a smooth head shave.
  • Versatility: Modern head shavers are highly versatile and offer great practicality in terms of a quality shave. The flexible razor head allows for shaving across varied contours of the head or trimming hairs at specific lengths.
  • Easy maintenance: Modern head shavers come with a waterproof body and the blades can be easily cleaned using a brush or liquid. In some, the shavers come with a built-in vacuum or self-cleaning system that eliminates the hairs stuck in between the blades during a shave.
  • Cost-effective: Some people argue that a modern head shaver for men is an expensive buy, but they fail to acknowledge the long-term practicality offered by these head shavers. If used properly, these head shavers can last up to years without requiring frequent repairs. Also, the cost of additional shaving products is reduced significantly.
  • No nicks & burns: Razor burns, rashes, and cuts can be painful and unsightly. Using a traditional head razor often results in rashes and burns, especially for those with sensitive skin. This can be entirely avoided by using a modern head shaver whose blades are covered by a foil that prevents direct contact with the skin.

There You Go!

Now that you know the key features of traditional and modern head shavers, it is important to decide on the perfect shaving tool by yourself. While a modern head shaver assures great speed, versatility, and efficiency, you must consider other essential factors such as time, the closeness of the shave, budget, etc. before making a purchase.

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