Emma Rose Roberts is an American actress, singer and a model. She was born on 10 February, 1991. She is 31 years old. She belongs to Rhinebeck, New York. Emma Roberts net worth is known to be more than $22 million in 2022. Emma Roberts parents name are Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham but they were separated when she was a baby. Emma Roberts was born in an acting family where she was surrounded by actors as her parents, aunts, grandmother, all were associated with the acting industry and so she spent time on her aunt’s Julia’s film set as well when she was a child.

Emma Roberts Career

Emma Robert started her acting career in 2001, at the age of nine in a drama film by Ted Demme’s in the film ‘Blow’. She played the character of Kristina Jung, daughter of a cocaine smuggler George Jung, which was played by Johnny Depp. She bagan to do some other smaller roles for a few years. Later in 2004, she starred as a lead actor in Nickelodeon sitcom ‘Unfabulous’ and played the character of ‘Addie Singer’.

In 2005, she released a debut album, ‘Unfabulous and More’ and in September 2005, she released two singles as well. In 2006, she starred as a lead actor in ‘Aquamarine’, in 2007, in ‘Nancy Drew’ which was a box office hit. She was almost seen in Horror stories and continued to star in a number of films the following years with box-office hits. Her recent works are ‘The hunt’, ‘About Fate’ and in 2022, she was cast to star in ‘Madame’s Web’ which is an instalment of Spider’s Man Universe.

Emma Roberts Personal Life

Emma Robert and actor Alex Pettyfer were in a relationship in 2007-2008. Then later in 2012, she dated Peter Evans after they worked together in ‘Adult World’. In 2013, she was also arrested for a fight with Peters in which she hit him but no charges were pressed against her by Peter. They got engaged in 2014 and thus broke up in March, 2019. 

After this, Emma Robert started to date actor Garreett Hedlund in april 2019, and in August 2020 they revealed that they were expecting their first child and so in December 2020, they welcomed their son. Later in January 2022, Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund announced their split.  

Emma Roberts Net Worth

Emma Roberts is a very popular and successful American actress, singer and a model who made her remark in the industry with her amazing work. Till date, she is considered to be one the best lead actress and so she gained much commercial success as well which inturn is believed that Emma Roberts net worth is $25 Million in 2022.


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