What is an Explainer Video? How to Make Explainer Videos?

Explainer video is a short video of company’s product or services. It is used to upgrade or promote your products or services in a compelling way.

Explainer video production will secure your customers and grow your business because it can address many questions a customer may have about your business’s related items. However, numerous people are more likely to buy a product if they see an explainer video, hence increasing your conversation rate. 

Moreover, videos are commonly set down on a website’s homepage, a landing page or service page.

Reasons why would you make explainer video

Explainer videos are already taking a leading edge in today’s competitive environment. Therefore, one must understand the reasons to create a video that can persuade your customers into availing your services. Let us find out the reasons why one should have an explainer video for their business.

Elevated awareness

Through explainer video the tone of your script and your visual style can reflect who you are. However, you will provide useful support to viewers who will recognize your business authority in a video representation format.      

Education and information together

Through an explainer video you will easily convey information in an interesting way. Explainer video also helps clarify for consumer why they should choose you over another brand..

Promoting product:

Promote your products through good explainer video, customers enable to understand products sometimes therefore explainer videos works the best in selling your products in a compelling way. It gives the customers a clear and perfect description

How to make explainer video?

To make an explainer video you must follow some steps which can help to make good and understandable video.  


 The initial seconds of your video should be catchy which hook the viewer’s immediately and make them continue to watch more.


Research the topic before making video is integral. It is important to do research and conduct survey to see what customers want in the video. A well-researched video enables you to add compelling things to the video to elevate the interest of the viewer’s furthermore.  

Video style

After doing research, work on the stylization of your explainer video.. Mainly companies use animations, but that’s not the only style there are other options available that can help you make an explainer video

  • . Live action
  • . White board animation
  • . Screen cast video
  • . Live streaming

Write a script

 The script plays a crucial role in making a good explainer video. Write simple and understandable script that can easily convey your message to the customers. Good story line can attract more customers. Hence, be mindful in selecting a perfect script for your video.

For best explainer video:

. Time duration of video should be 90 seconds to 120 seconds. Short time duration video is most likely to be watched by the customers.

  • . Main message or point of video should be in the 30 seconds.
  • . Tell about your products and give awareness about your product.
  • . Script should simple and straight forward don’t use technical terms that’s difficult to understand.

Recording and edit the audio narration

When you create an explainer video, you also have to keep in the audio in mind too..

Choose a person who has professional voice. Once you have a voice talent on your side. The next step involves recording your script.  Always use quite space and used recording software then edit everything together. .

Create the visual assets

Now that you pass through the main aspects, you need to create visual assets to the final video. Use simple visuals that help the viewers to keep their focus on over all messages. Different visual assets require different software. Use those colors which are visually appealing and understandable.

Music and effects

Almost all explainer videos of company have background video. Videos need background sound effects and music that gives energy and help to convey emotions to your audience. Music is just going to add more attractiveness to make the viewer’s relate to point you are highlighting in your video.

Therefore, sound effects such as footsteps, and ambience recording show more realism in video. Make sure whatever action is performed by character sound should be executed accordingly andmake the viewer’s more connected to the explainer video.

Edit video

Video editing should be done professionally to create interesting glitches which make viewers hook to video. Create final explainer video. Visual assets, audio record and music effects all comes together it’s our post production phase. Organize files properly and start editing process.  You can easily edit your video through software adobe spark (editing software) through this you can easily add pictures, clips or voice to your video.

Video testing

Test your video with an audience, audience could be family and friends to see it are effective. You’ll get more useful result if you target group of customer as an audience. Did they understand your video? There is anything about product they didn’t like? What make it to relate them? Which part is interesting in video? What is the worst part of video?

From video testing you can improve your mistakes and learn more things about your product and services, so it is much better to test your video before launching it.

Publish your video

After completing video you can share it with public through website’s homepage, landing page and social media. You can use keyword description to help people find more engagement with your video and brand. However, more engagement means you are reaching your ultimate goal of conversion rates. Therefore, your video must have all the required assets to make a compelling video for your business.  


 The good explainer video is short and simple. Explainer video condenses your highly complex business idea into short highly engaging explanation of your brand. Therefore, explainer video builds loyalty and increase sales to a good percentage. Hence, by following the above mentioned steps you can create a good explainer video for your business. They are to convey your brand message in a compelling way.. It can become your effective marketing strategy too. Make good use of music effects, color to catch and hold attention of your potential customers. All the best.

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