What Are Some Causes of a Cracked iPhone Screen?

There can be nothing worse than paying a huge amount of money to purchase the latest iPhone or IPad only to get a cracked screen later. The cracked screen can occur for various reasons, so you need to take your phone to a repair center.

Before you search for ‘iPhone screen repair near me,’ you need to know the reasons that can often lead to a cracked iPhone screen. In this blog, you will learn some of the common causes of a cracked iPhone screen.

Common Causes of a Cracked iPhone Screen

Some of the common causes of a cracked iPhone screen are as follows:

  • You dropped it

This is one of the common reasons for an iPhone’s cracked screen and can easily be avoided. Most of the time, people look to carry excessive items in their hands while walking or searching for something. Sometimes, they, unfortunately, end up dropping their phones, resulting in a cracked screen.

  • Your dog played with it.

Though this is an excuse kid often give to their teachers regarding missing an assignment, this actually happens. Pets do not have an idea about how much you paid for your iPhone, and they usually snatch and like playing fetch with the iPhone.

  • It is slammed in the trunk or car doors.

Before searching for ‘iPhone screen repair near me,’ you must know that being slammed in the trunk and car doors damage your iPhone’s screen and can even break or bend your frame. Though your phone doesn’t often get smashed in such situations, when it does, the screen cracks and other damage occurs. 

  • Your child broke the phone.

This might be uncommon, but kids in your house are sometimes responsible for a damaged iPhone. Kids being small and irresponsible, usually throw their phones down in a fit of rage, and sometimes, they go with it to play without realizing they are still in possession of the phone.

  • Extreme temperatures

Sometimes, extreme temperatures can affect your iPhone screen negatively, so you must take appropriate steps to avoid this. You must try not to leave your device in direct sunlight or expose it to extreme temperatures in different places.

  • It is broken while protecting.

People search for ‘iPhone screen repair near me for this reason. Sometimes, people crack their screens by putting on a case that is intended to protect the phone from cracking.

  • You sat on the phone.

This is one of the most common and unfortunate screen damage issues seen among people. As these phones are made to fit into your pocket, people follow this logic to store them in pockets. But sometimes, as the glass cannot bear your weight, accidental screen damage or breakages occur.

Final Words

If your iPhone screen has been damaged for any reason, you need to take your phone to a repair center. You can search for ‘iPhone screen repair near me to find the best iPhone screen repair services in your area to fix your phone. 

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