Virtual Reality in London

As VR tourism grows in popularity, London attractions are starting to offer immersive experiences to their visitors. The Natural History Museum, for example, launched its Hold the World VR experience earlier this year. The experience, commissioned by Sky VR Studio, features David Attenborough as a virtual tour virtual reality London. Participants use a VR headset and controller to look inside the museum’s Conservation Centre and handle rare and priceless objects.

Meet Space VR

When visiting London, it is worth checking out Meet Space VR, a virtual reality venue located near trendy Wembley Park. The immersive games available here will put you in the middle of the action, just like you’re actually in a mobile app development agency. The cost varies depending on when you go, but it is recommended to book your experience in advance to avoid disappointment.

Meet Space VR in London is an award-winning virtual reality (VR) entertainment company. It provides a uniquely immersive experience that lets you play games with your friends in a group or head-to-head.

Omescape’s Escape

Omescape’s London branch is one of the world’s leading live escape games, and the company has been in business since 2012. With an international outlook, Omescape strives to create the best escape room experience possible. Players are placed in a room together, and their goal is to solve mysteries and puzzles as a team.

Omescape’s London location offers three immersive escape rooms. In addition to the ‘joker’s asylum’ and the ‘biohazard laboratory’ escape rooms, the game also offers the ‘Kingdom of Cats’ VR experience, which drops you into a dark fantasy land ruled by supersized felines. You must solve puzzles and escape the evil cat kingdom before the time runs out.

virtual reality London


TimeLooper is a new virtual reality experience that transports you to a pastime in London. It uses AR and 360 VR to immerse you in a past event or location. The experience is designed to be educational and entertaining, and you’ll be transported back in time. It’s free to download and works on both iOS and Android. You’ll need a PS5 headset, which can be purchased at the attraction.

The app’s creators enlisted the help of World War II historians to recreate Trafalgar Square in 1940. They used real-life data from the era, including images of British soldiers’ uniforms and the number of Nazi planes overhead. In this way, you can experience the atmosphere in real-time and learn more about history. While technology is still in its infancy, time travel has been proven to be a powerful tool to help people better understand history.

Squid Game

The Squid Game virtual reality game is an immersive virtual adventure game. The game requires players to wear 3D motion tracking visors and interact with touch screens located around the room. Players can compete against one another and earn virtual money and lives as they complete challenges. The game also features a multiplayer mode that lets teams of two to six compete in a variety of challenges.

The game features six different challenges, including the titular Squid Game. The winning teams will win virtual money while losing teams will lose virtual lives. The game is expected to be available in the UK and the US in September.

virtual reality London

Curious Alice

For fans of the book, Curious Alice in virtual reality is an immersive experience that will transport you to the whimsical land of Wonderland. The game allows you to become Alice and solve mind-bending riddles. You can even play croquet in the croquet garden of the Red Queen.

Visitors to the exhibition will use a VIVE Cosmos headset to experience the game. The immersive experience will last 45 minutes. The museum is also planning to make a downloadable version of the VR experience available for home users starting on October 22. The extended version of the VR experience will include enriched animation, additional scenes, and narrative elements. The experience will be available in English and traditional Chinese for download through VIVEPORT.


Microsoft HoloLens is an immersive mixed reality headset that lets you interact with the real world through your computer. This device allows you to see what is happening around you and even see your own hand, which is beneficial when you need to solve a problem. HoloLens also allows you to work together with others through hands-free interaction. For example, you can call in a remote expert to help you solve a problem in the field, and the expert will appear in your field of vision. You can then interact with them without touching them, saving time and money.

For medical use, HoloLens allows surgeons to see and manipulate CT scans in real time. This technology helps them to locate blood vessels during surgery. It also lets them view a patient’s anatomy from multiple angles.

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