Usage of Bottle compression tester and Secure seal tester:

Testers are increasingly crucial in the industrial business. Because of their unique nature, both machines differ from conventional testing equipment, giving vital information regarding your products. Your tester should be able to provide a comprehensive image of how effectively you’ve manufactured your items. Therefore, investing in a robust model in all areas is critical.

These include precision, usefulness, durability, and various other variables. When you’ve decided what to look for in a tester and which models would work best for you, it’s time to choose one that fits your production line and your budget. Here are some of the best top load and heat seal testers available.

Check out this article for the best options in top load and heat seal testers.

Why do We Need a Bottle compression tester?

Bottle compression tester is a compression machine designed mainly to evaluate the stacking load or top load carrying capability of Blow Molded bottles and jars. This equipment may also test other blow-moulded goods such as trays and cups. The most acceptable performance standard for stack-ability qualities is the top-to-bottom compression strength of corrugated boxes. Top Load or Compression Strength can also determine the stiffness and homogeneity of blow-molded goods.

When it comes to selling water in bottles, the levels of quality and testing become especially important. After all, you are selling something people will drink directly from the bottle. If there is even a trace amount of impurity or contamination, your customers could have potentially serious consequences. 

You’ll need various quality control tests to guarantee that your items are as safe and clean as possible before they hit the stores. There can be a variety of contaminants in your bottled water that most people won’t expect or catch. For instance, water lead can come from sources such as old pipes or even minerals in the groundwater. Fortunately, these tests are pretty straightforward to set up with the right equipment and guidance from an expert.

Why We Need a Secure Seal Tester:

Anyone who works in pharmaceutical manufacturing or any other industry that uses seals and packages knows how important they are. A weak seal can lead to contamination and reduced shelf life, so it’s essential to test them regularly to ensure they meet your standards. Testing a seal involves determining whether or not it meets your specific criteria using a Secure seal tester.

You should try the seal’s ability to withstand pressure, its resistance to water penetration, and its ability to prevent contaminants from entering the package. Test criteria will depend on what type of product you are packaging and your company’s safety standards, but as a general rule.


Food safety is a topic that has gained a lot of attention in the last couple of years. With so many issues coming to light, there’s never been a more critical time to ensure that your food is safe to eat.

According to the FDA, approximately one out of every ten Americans becomes ill each year due to consuming tainted food. Considering how much we all eat on average, this isn’t ideal.

It can be easy to take our food for granted; after all, most of us only think about it when we feel hungry or have finished eating it. However, things are different in the food storage world, where you need to be constantly aware. The two devices are designed and used differently, yet they give comparable information regarding the quality of your output.

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