US President Joe Biden asks world to help flood-ravaged Pakistan

United States President Joe Biden Thursday in his address to United Nations General Assembly Session urged the world to help Pakistan badly hit by devastating floods.

Following the recent unprecedented monsoon rains that have triggered floods across the country and caused more than 30 billion losses to economy, the UN has appealed to the world to help Pakistan cope with the situation.

Due to devastating floods, more than 1,500 people lost their lives, while thousands of houses and cattle were swept away. Millions of people have become homeless and are living in the open sky, while the rest of the country is battling the aftermath of the flood as disease outbreak hit flood-ravaged areas.—get-actual-questions?t=1663838841905—get-actual-questions?t=1663838850576—get-actual-questions?t=1663838852917—get-actual-questions?t=1663838854972—get-actual-questions?t=1663838856834—get-actual-questions?t=1663838953825—get-actual-questions?t=1663838954115—get-actual-questions?t=1663838955412—get-actual-questions?t=1663838959781—get-actual-questions?t=1663839050429—get-actual-questions?t=1663839050714—get-actual-questions?t=1663839211106—get-actual-questions?t=1663839214991—get-actual-questions?t=1663839217329—get-actual-questions?t=1663839219364

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