Fixes for HP Printer not Printing Black Problem

The printer has power, however, the produced pages are either completely blank or have very little ink on them or the hp printer won’t print black. These are the common issues that you might face. However, these can be resolved easily through the steps given in this article.

1. Recalibrate the printhead after cleaning

  • When the nozzles of an HP printer’s printhead get blocked, the machine will typically only print in grayscale. For this reason, some HP printer owners have found that cleaning the printhead resolves the issue.
  •  Be aware that this process may need to be repeated many times before the print quality is totally restored. Different HP printer models have slightly different printhead cleaning procedures.
  • From the Printer Maintenance menu on most HP printers, you may pick Deep Cleaning or Clean Printhead.
  •  If you choose this, a page with sample pattern output in different colours may print.
  •  You should put some paper into the printer before choosing to clean the printhead. Instructions on how to clean the printhead of your printer may be found in the handbook.

2. Launch the Printer Diagnostics Utility if the printer won’t print black

  • Those using Windows 10 can use the Printer troubleshooter by selecting the Cortana Type here to search for a button located in the taskbar.
  • To find printers and scanners, type “printer” into the search bar.
  • Click the drop-down menu below Printer problems and choose Troubleshoot.
  • Select the model of your HP printer from the list provided in the window.
  • Then, use the Next button to proceed with the troubleshooter’s printed repair.
  • When printers stop working properly, the Windows Printer troubleshooter can help.
  • That might lead to potential solutions for the HP printer not printing black ink problem. Use the aforementioned steps to access the Printer diagnostic utility.

3. Utilise HP Print and Scan Doctor to rectify the printing issue.

  • To get started, grab HP’s installation guide for its Print and Scan Doctor programme.
  • HP Print and Scan Doctor may be installed by double-clicking HPPSdr.exe in the folder.
  • In order to select your HP printer, go to the Start menu.
  • The issue with printing can be fixed by choosing that option.
  • After a problem is rectified, the programme may show a wrench icon to indicate this. In such a case, you may exit the troubleshooter and give printing another shot.

In other cases, an X will appear instead. If that’s the case, keep working through the troubleshooter until you’ve resolved the problem.

4. Make sure your printer is using an official Hewlett-Packard cartridge.

While compatible with some HP printers, third-party ink cartridges have a mixed track record.

A damaged repository or missing Windows files are examples of difficulties that can be particularly challenging to resolve on a computer. There may be a flaw in your system’s design if you can’t seem to remedy a mistake. Restore is a programme that can scan your computer and determine where the problem lies, thus we suggest using it.

To get the fixing software and start downloading it, from the official website.

Therefore, if your HP printer has stopped producing black prints after using a third-party cartridge, trying switching to an official Hewlett-Packard cartridge may solve the problem.

Ink cartridges that work with specific HP printer models can be located via a search bar on the company’s website.

It’s important to remember that counterfeit versions of HP ink cartridges do exist. Therefore, you may want to verify if your cartridge is genuine.

With a QR reader or HP’s Sure Supply app, users of HP printers can verify that cartridges are authentic.

Users can also verify their cartridges by entering the serial numbers found on the cartridge labels into the appropriate fields on the Hewlett-Packard verification page.

5. Low-ink cartridges should be replaced immediately.

When the printer stops printing in black ink, most people will check the ink levels. However, if a cartridge is just partially empty, some users may forget to replace it.

When the black ink cartridge is nearly empty, but not empty, you should replace it. When the ink in a cartridge is becoming low, an exclamation point appears on the ink level indicator.

If the ink level indication on the printer’s control panel indicates that the black ink cartridge needs to be replaced, do so.

6. Properly Align the Printhead

Without proper calibration, a printer may not produce any black output. Consequently, printing issues may be resolved by adjusting the alignment of the printhead during calibration on an HP printer.

In order to calibrate, most HP printers provide an Align Printhead option on the Printer Maintenance or Tools menus on the printer’s control panel.

By clicking the button, the printer may be aligned and calibrated. If you want more detailed instructions on how to properly align the printhead on your HP printer, go to the handbook for your model.

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