Top 9 Beaches To Enjoy in the US

Beach vacation is one of the most beloved ideas for a getaway for summer, winter, and other seasons as well. There are hundreds of stunning places in America, but in this article, we picked the best ones for an unforgettable trip.

Perhaps, it is pretty difficult to choose destinations by looking through many guides of must-see places. Now it is time for chilled days without crowds and noise at least once a year, so let’s have a look at suitable spots before making plans. 

Clearwater Beach, Florida

Taking a sunbath with a cocktail in your hand and adoring the fantastic views of shining ocean waves from the shores is the main thing to do here, but not the only one. For another calming activity, visitors hire a boat or even a yacht to observe the open ocean, catch a gentle sea wind, and feel free of any routine. 

Duke Kahanamoku Beach, Oahu

It doesn’t matter if you stay in a resort or not. The beach and all attractions are open to the public. What’s interesting is there’s no access to the ocean. It is a renovated lagoon, which has become a popular place to soak up in the last few years. Water is regularly purified, and the environment is safe for kids. 

Pacific Beach, San Diego

Pacific Beach impresses visitors with a charming atmosphere of the never-ending party and wide open sand expanses. But getting around places that are crowded most of the time and public transportation works slowly may be stressful, so you have to consider cheap SUV rentals in San Diego. Put comfort and flexibility in the first place. Let the rental company provide all facilities for you, starting with any suitable location and ending with fair conditions and support 24/7 with San Diego car rental.

Padre Island, Texas

Texas law requires free and unrestricted access to all beaches, so cars are welcome. North padre island is known for the longest beach road that passes through the Gulf of Mexico and untouched seashore places. Fantastic views and wildlife consisting of turtles, coyotes, and various species of seabirds will please your eyes. USA SUV rental will provide the best off-road option for that case.

Assateague Island National Seashore, the coast of Maryland and Virginia

The traveler will need a special car to explore the 12 miles Over-Sand Vehicle Zone. According to the rules, using some cars like ATVs or UTVs is forbidden. Try cheap SUV rental. It may help to find a variant that suits all demands, and by the way, 4wds are recommended, although not all of them succeed on the soft sand.

Caspersen Beach, Florida

Have you ever looked for shark teeth? Here it is possible to assemble the whole collection. Caspersen Beach isn’t about a quiet rest because everything refers to adventure: strong waves crashing against the rocks and sharply touching the rough sand strips. Don’t forget to bring that staff:

  • Empty a water bottle or a container to keep the findings.
  • Straining or mesh bag for sifting.
  • Waterproof shoes.
  • Sand scoop. 

Coast Guard Beach, Massachusetts

One walk along the shoreline will show the full beauty of this place, and if you’re lucky, there are harbor seals during low tide also. But first of all, Coast Guard Beach is a world-class place for a wide range of water sports, so it is time to try a few and see which one suits you well. Don’t miss a chance to have a sunset picnic at the end of the day. 

Driftwood Beach, Georgia

Driftwood Beach is the most iconic and preferably interesting because it is quite easy to fall into an exploration of whitened driftwood for hours. Escape to another world and bring a friend or a lover with you, because that’s a perfect idea for a special photoshoot. There are almost no waves, so swim safely with your family. 

South Beach, Miami

The real atmosphere of Miami is right here – loud, vibrant, and hot. Of course, South Beach surprises with pristine waterfronts. But we advise you to get some inspiration from fantastic historical architecture, treat yourself shopping and pay attention to the exciting nightlife. 

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