Top 5 Tips For Clean Your Memory Foam Mattress

1. Use a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are not only good at cleaning floors, they can also be used to clean mattresses. Dust mites thrive in warm and humid environments, which means mattresses tend to accumulate lots of dust mites over time. A quick vacuuming is enough to remove the majority of these bugs, but if you want to do a deeper clean, consider using a steam-cleaning machine. These machines use hot water and a powerful fan to blow out dirt and allergens from your mattress. If you’re worried about damage, then make sure that you cover the mattress in plastic before steaming it, and keep an eye on the temperature of the water – if it gets too high, then you could end up burning your mattress!

2. Wash the sheets

If you have allergies, then you might be sensitive to the chemicals in detergents. If you have kids, then you’ll know how difficult it is to get them to change their bedding regularly. To avoid having to wash your sheets frequently, try washing them in cold water instead of hot. You won’t need to add any extra detergent to the water either, so your laundry bill should stay low.

3. Avoid bleach

Bleach kills germs and bacteria, and while it’s great for disinfecting surfaces, it doesn’t work well on fabrics. Instead, opt for milder products like vinegar and lemon juice, which are less harsh on your clothes.

4. Don’t let pets sleep on the bed

Pets shed everywhere, including inside your zip cover for memory foam mattress. As a result, dust mites can easily find shelter in your bed. While it may seem like a cute idea to allow your pet to snuggle up with you each night, it’s actually bad for your allergy symptoms.

5. Change your pillowcases often

The same goes for your pillowcases. When you buy a new pillowcase, don’t just throw it away after a single use. Instead, wash them regularly to prevent bacteria building up on the fabric.

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