Top 5 No Sweetener Eliquids

We know that not everyone has a sweet tooth, and thankfully there are brands out there that offer e liquid with no sweetener! Not only is this juice not super sweet, but also makes your coils last a lot longer too as sweetener is usually the main culprit of burning coils out!

Sweetener is often used to make flavours “pop” when you are vaping them, but a well designed flavour like the ones below don’t rely on this to keep you coming back for more. 

We’ve taken a look into the Top 5 No Sweetener E liquids to help you pick some great flavors without all of the added sweetness!

1 – Coil Star Cookie Dough

Now the first thing when you think of cookie dough is sweetness, but not in this case. This perfectly blended vanilla cookie dough has a perfect natural flavour without needing any sweetener added to it. 

2 – Breaking Brew Blue Cranston

Everyone loves a good blue coloured breaking bad style e liquid, and this one is no different – except for its lack of sweetener. Tasting just as good (if not better) than any of the alternatives, this cheap e liquid is absolutely perfect for those who want to get that bit extra out of their coils. 

3 – Goldfish Sauce Monkey Business

People are going ape over this flavour, and it’s for all of the right reasons. Monkey Business is a delicious blend of peanut butter, banana and a deep tobacco flavour that will leave you going bonkers for more – plus your coils will love it. 

4 – Coil Star Rainbow Candy

With this flavour you can taste the 7 coloured spectrum that appears after rainfall, and without the cloying sweetness that usually followed eating the popular candy it is based on. There is nothing better than a candy e liquid that isn’t packed with so much sweetness your coil is burnt out in a couple of hours. 

5 – Simplicity Menthol

Simplicity isn’t just the name, this classic menthol flavoured sweetener free e liquid is just that – menthol and sweetener free. The simplicity brand offers a small range of mints, menthols and tobaccos that are simply just great e liquid flavours with no fruits, fuss or sweetener. 

While we’ve gone through the Top 5 No Sweetener e liquids, there is a massive list of options that you have available to you. There are different options for sweetener free dessert e liquids, candy flavours, fruit flavours, menthol flavours and many many more. There are also different options if you do prefer your e liquid with sweeneters, however this will decrease the amount of time that your coil will last. 

When you are purchasing your e liquid, make sure that all of your products are sourced from responsible vendors who know where their products are manufactured and where the flavourings come from. All e liquid can contain a maximum of 20mg of nicotine in a bottle no larger than 10ml, but shortfill e liquids are nicotine free and have no limit on size as they are designed to be used with one or more nicotine shots. 

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