Tomatoes You Say, But I Say Hey, Wait Just A Minute

Have you at any point had that expression ring a bell “you say tomatoes, I say tomotoes, you say potatoes, I say potodos?” In some cases our recollections trigger that reaction when we hear those words in discussion. As a matter of fact, it happened to me recently when I saw that Warren Buffett had made a significant acquisition of Heinz Partnership, individuals who make catsup. I found this fascinating in light of the fact that soon after that happened John Kerry became Secretary of State; unintentional perhaps, or perhaps not.

Strangely, two or three days after that the US made an arrangement with Mexico on taxes and economic alliance concerning tomatoes. Incidental you inquire? I don’t figure this numerous things can be fortuitous events if you were to ask me. How could Warren Buffett wish to put resources into a catsup organization? All things considered, have you known about food stamps? Think how much cash and corporate government assistance food handling organizations are getting on the grounds that such countless Americans can get free food? It sure seems like corporate government assistance set dependent upon me, in spite of the fact that it is washed and sold as a social program to assist with peopling who are starving.

Indeed, I comprehend that is difficult to accept thinking about that 35% of the food stamp program is fake, since individuals can go on the web and finish up a structure, and get free nourishment for it. Extremely many individuals are on food stamps who shouldn’t be, I might want to get that cash back, they don’t merit it, needn’t bother with it, and they’re ripping off the American citizen. All I can say regarding the tomato bargain is; “wow I might have had a V-8,” and I am so reminded the way that there is by all accounts a depraved connection between the horticulture business and governmental issues; do you recollect Jimmy Carter and his peanuts?

In the event that you don’t think food stamps are corporate government assistance think about how much cash that Arthur Midland Daniels, Cargill, Monsanto, Kellogg’s, Tyson Food varieties, Heinz, Beatrice, Procter and Bet, and every other person is making off of this extraordinary bonus. Additionally understand that the cost of food has gone up in light of the fact that well, in view of organic market, and individuals don’t need to pay for it, and get it for nothing, they’re responsible to eat everything they can, to say the least. In the event that you take a gander at how much Americans who are overweight well, you know precisely exact thing I mean.

Can any anyone explain why the public authority can have a perverted relationship with farming, corporate food organizations, and afterward make everybody fat with diabetes, really at that time to douse the citizens for the drug medicates that this large number of diabetic patients will require from here on out? I wish somebody would clear up this for me, since I simply feel like I’ve been twisted around as a citizen for a really long time.

Also, I don’t actually mind how you say tomatoes, or potatoes, simply don’t make me stand in line to pay for them, particularly while I’m paying for every other person and the corporate people, partnerships are individuals as well, I’m told. If it’s not too much trouble, think about this and consider it.

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