Tips to Help You Buy the Perfect Shirt Online

The shirt is probably the most versatile clothing a man can own. It can be worn with formal trousers for work, with chinos on the weekend, or even as part of a lounge suit when going out for dinner. It’s such an essential piece that we tend to have several shirts  in our wardrobe at any time. However, the challenge is finding that perfect shirt; it must fit well and flatter your body type without being overly fussy or expensive. Thankfully, with the help of the internet and online shopping, it’s now much easier to find that perfect shirt. Whether you are after a casual checker patterned shirt for work or a more formal Oxford button-down collar shirt for nights out, there are plenty of options available online. Here are some tips on buying the perfect shirt online:

Know Your Body Type

Knowing your body type and what will flatter your shape is crucial to finding the perfect shirt. If you are on the larger side, then you are probably best to avoid shirts with too many details as they can make you look bulkier. For smaller men, you may want to avoid large patterned shirts as they can make you appear even smaller. If you have a larger stomach, opt for a shirt that is fitted around the middle, as this will help to disguise this area. If you are larger around the middle, buy printed shirts online, around the stomach rather than one with a loose cut. You may also want to look out for shirts with side vents, which can help to balance out the proportions of your body. For men with smaller legs, a cuffed shirt can help to create the illusion of longer legs.

Check the Fit

Finding a shirt that fits well is essential when buying online, and it’s something that you should always check before purchasing. It doesn’t matter how stylish or expensive the shirt is; if it’s too tight or loose, it simply won’t look good. Instead, you want to look for a comfortable shirt that is still fitted around your body. You can do this by measuring yourself before shopping online. This will also help you to calculate how much fabric you will need for alterations, should you need them. A shirt with a slim fit will be slightly more fitted around the body and taper towards the waist, while a regular fit will be looser and a little longer. A baggy shirt will look sloppy and won’t flatter your body type or your style. Most online shops will have details of the fit of each shirt. You can also ensure that the shirt’s fabric is soft and stretchy, as this will help it to fit better.

Look for Quality Fabrics

The stitching and fabric of the shirt are just as important as the fit. The material should be breathable and stretch to allow for movement. Avoid 100% cotton shirts as these can make you look sweaty and are too thick for most occasions. Polyester is a good option as it is soft, lightweight, and doesn’t crease. Cotton and linen are also good for hot climates as they are breathable and don’t retain as much heat. Most online shops list the materials used on the shirt, so you can check these before buying. You should also look out for quality stitching, which will help the shirt last longer. Sturdy buttons and reinforced collars can also help extend the shirt’s life.

Check the Length and Sleeve Length

When shopping online, it can be difficult to tell if a shirt is too long or short. If you are at home, stand in front of a full-length mirror to see how long the shirt is on your body. Alternatively, try to find dimensions online for shirt length. You also want to make sure that the sleeve length is correct. Too short sleeves can make your arms appear shorter, while too long sleeves will make you look sloppy. If you are shopping for a shirt to wear with a suit, check the shirt’s length and ensure that it is the same length as your suit jacket. This will make you look more professional.

Know your brands and styles

When shopping online, you will find that different brands suit different body types. For example, Brooks Brothers is a good brand for those with larger upper bodies and shorter legs, while Ralph Lauren is better for those with longer bodies and shorter upper legs. You will also find a wide variety of shirt styles to choose from. Oxford button-down collar shirts are stylish and formal, while rugby shirts are casual and great for weekends away. Polo shirts are a classic and versatile option worn with trousers or chinos.


The shirt is an essential item in any man’s wardrobe, and plenty of options are available online. However, you need to know your body type and what will flatter your shape to find that perfect shirt. You also need to check the fit and fabric of the shirt and make sure that the length and sleeve of your length are correct. Finally, make sure you know your brands and styles and use this knowledge to find the perfect online shirt.

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