Things you need to know before Kolkata for the first time

Kolkata is referred to as the city of Joy. This is a city of sound, feel sight, blend and shades. A few of the parts are embedded in history whereas a few are modern. So, if you happen to be a first-time visitor to Kolkata you will be overwhelmed. This is a city of Joy and Kolkata hotels provide the best facilities. Personally, when I am in Kolkata, there is bound to be some form of direction in the electric mixer. So below are some of the things you need to keep in mind when you are visiting Kolkata for the first time. Though you should be open to discovering new places.

Where to stay in Kolkata

One of the places to stay in the Fairlawn hotel which turns out to be a historic property that incorporates a degree of charm and is close to Park Street which is one of the major tourist attractions of the place. With Taj Hotel you may never go wrong and happens to be a beautifully designed hotel which is one of the landmark hotels in Kolkata.

The historical context of Kolkata

Kolkata as it is referred was the capital of British rule for a considerable period of time. It is one of the places that incorporate colonial architecture, and at this point in time, most of them are functional and maintained well to this date. With the movement of the capital in the year 1911 to Delhi, the place was embedded in history. There are museums, and parks along with river fonts that make Kolkata one of the most desired places in the country.

Art along with culture

Taking into consideration the superior standards of education and intellectual pursuits the city is termed the cultural capital of India. Some of the popular personalities are from this part of the world. Kolkata still happens to be the hub of art, culture and movies. The classical artists go through the hive of performing in the city before they end up proving themselves at the national level.

Handloom and handicraft

Kolkata happens to be a beautiful place for handloom or handicrafts which is manufactured in the towns or villages of Kolkata. There are some versions of the sarees that turn out to be a must-buy on all counts. Most of these items are sold at the traditional shops where you can interact with the vendor over a cup of tea.

Tram cars of Kolkata

Kolkata happens to be the only place in the city that has tram cars. Among the locals still, it is a popular form of transport. In the fast-paced world of today riding the trams via busy streets works out to be a popular form of romance. Personally, I had my first tram ride and this is a form of romance that is going to spark at a major level.

Durga Puja

The artistic bend of Kolkata is brought to the fore and happens to be a wonder not only of Kolkata but all over the world. Though it is a Hindu festival it ends up breaking up all the barriers, as it goes on to break the religious barriers and assumes more of a secular tone. It is one of the few festivals in the world that is celebrated with pomp and splendour in this part of the world. The entire city is covered with lights and in the various parts of the city idols are erected giving out a new meaning

For 5 days the festival is held and people roam around the streets coming up the various idols. The celebrations assume carnival proportions and become an art gallery in this part of the world. Apart from that, there are a host of tourist attractions which you may reach by bus, train or taxi. Before you plan to reach any of the spots related to Durga Puja the suggestion is to visit in depth about every place and then take a decision on which one suits the bill on all counts.

A tour of the city of Kolkata

 For outsiders, it would be fair to say that Kolkata is not a user-friendly city. But when it comes to history and culture this place happens to be one of the best in the world.

If you’re organising a trip, you should reserve at least 3 or 4 days for sightseeing in Kolkata. Even though the distance between the locations is short, most tourist activities take time. With its bus, trams, yellow taxis, radio cabs, local trains, metro, and ferries over the Ganga, Kolkata has a well-developed public transportation system. Renting a car is another option, but if you want a more genuine experience, just go with it. Even though Bangla is widely spoken in the area, most people also understand and can communicate in Hindi and English, so even if you are not fluent in Bangla, you should be all right.

Indian Museum

The Indian Museum has the distinction of being Asia’s biggest and possibly oldest museum. Numerous galleries there house an extensive collection of works of art and natural history. We adored the mummy remains and dinosaur skeleton on exhibit here as kids. I find that as an adult, I am drawn to the galleries of ancient art and textiles. Given that the Indian Museum is next to the Victoria Museum, if you love museums, you could easily spend the full day there.

Birla Planetarium

In front of the Victoria Memorial is where you’ll find the Birla Planetarium. Regular programming on astronomy, space science, and Indian philosophy in relation to stars and planets is available. Because the projection is on a spherical ceiling, the image appears considerably more realistic. The show times are broken down into English, Bangla, and Hindi audio segments. When I first came here when I was six years old, I was completely in awe. The Planetarium continued to entertain me as an adult when I went there again the previous year.