Things to Consider for Getting Type Approval from TRA

Type Approval The telecommunication industry is a multi-billion market with huge investment and growth prospects. After the concept of the world becoming a global village, the telecommunication sector has seen a boom. The rapid development of this technology has resulted in the introduction of modern communication methods. Many telecommunication companies like AT&T have emerged as global leaders in terms of revenue.

As the center of business and tourism globally, Dubai has enjoyed the thriving telecom sector’s perks. Many investors, including multinationals, have turned up for sharing the profitability of the city’s telecommunication industry. However, stepping into the telecom business in Dubai is not a walk in the park. Before doing so, there is a need to meet certain requirements, such as TRA Type Approval, which requires professional help.

Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of UAE regulates different aspects of the telecom sector. Getting approval may be easier said than done. There are many things to consider and always a probability of something going wrong.

This blog will cater to all the aspects to consider for getting approved from TRA.

Essential Aspects to Consider:

If you plan to venture into business related to telecommunication equipment in Dubai, getting Telecommunication Regulatory Authority’s approval is the first step. It will give you an official authority to conduct business in UAE freely. Many factors should be considered for getting  approval, and the most important ones are given below:

Reviewing Technical Specifications of the Equipment:

At first, acknowledging TRA’s fixed standards for all Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (RTTE) is necessary. If these technical specifications apply to the equipment, it is ready to start the registration process.

In case the equipment does not meet any technical requirements, the authority reviews the case and decides on merit. Technical Specifications include the technical necessities that apply to RTTE for the UAE’s interface connection.


Registration is one of the most integral aspects of Type Approval as it legitimizes any RTTE dealership program. Without it, any RTTE dealership would be deemed as unauthorized. There are various types and aspects of registration that need consideration during various stages of the approval process. Some of them are explained below:

Dealership Registration:

Once the equipment meets the technical specifications from TRA, the process for registration begins. Every type of dealership of RTTE, including import, manufacturing, and buying/selling, requires registration. The dealership registration is needed apart from the RTTE Type Approval and ensures the equipment’s suitability for the required purpose.

Eligibility for Registration:

Telecommunication Regulatory Authority only considers the application made by a dealer like an importer or a manufacturer eligible for approval. The applicant must include its dealership registration number in the application. If the equipment is not already registered, the dealer should register it first before proceeding any further. There might be a lot of confusion involved, and seeking professional help enhances your eligibility for getting TRA type approval.

Procedure for Registration:

TRA publishes an official application form to register equipment. The dealers can fill registration forms in both Arabic and English. By attaching the required documentation, various related products can be registered through one application. However, models with different brand names require separate registration applications, and their names are listed separately.

In addition to the registration application, a conformity declaration is also attached. Also, the request for any other supporting document by TRA has to be fulfilled. A regular application usually takes thirty days for processing; however, those who do not fulfill the requirements get rejected. After successfully registering the equipment, the regulatory authority allocates a registration number and enlists it in the maintained Type Approvals.

Type Approval Policy:

TRA has a fixed approval policy to ensure the constant supply and availability of a variety of equipment. It also helps distribute the burden among various dealers and offers convenient regulation of the products. This policy allows TRA the autonomy to approve or reject any application. However, in exceptional cases, the regulatory authority can get another body on board in the process.

Type Approval Regulations:

The regulatory authority has some regulations under Telecommunication Law by Decree No. 3 of 2003. All these regulations apply to the legislation related to RTTE without any prejudice. There is a separate guide issued by the regulatory authority that encompasses the practical implementation of these regulations. It contains all the necessary information to complete and submit an application to TRA successfully.

Helping Tips for Getting Approved:

Usually, getting approved from TRA is considered a daunting task, but it can be made much easier with careful consideration. It is essential to understand the correct procedure to apply for Type Approval. Reading all the requirements beforehand can help enhance your chances of getting approved. The guidance from a professional telecom companies in UAE in the related field can also help you in submitting a strong application.

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