The most blatant tilts in esports history

The adrenaline and intensity of the competition makes many players unable to control their anger and anger and end up externalizing it in some way.

The anger and negative reactions will always be something linked to the world of competition. In esports, this has a specific name, tilting . And professional players, no matter how prepared they are and how much help they have behind them, are not exempt from suffering it.

We ‘ve all seen a competitive matchup in which a player lost his temper because things didn’t go his way. And it is not something of a single discipline, but it extends to all of them. Next, we review what have been the most notorious tilts in the brief history of electronic sports.

Faker — League of Legends — Mundiales 2019

Semifinals. SKT1 was facing a G2 again after losing in the MSI finals . Faker wanted his revenge, he had played the entire championship at a high level and losing to a European team was in no way in his plans. With 3 World Cups in his showcases, he was looking for a room. They started the series winning, but the ninjas managed to turn the matchup around.

In the fourth game, the Koreans wanted to seal the tie as soon as possible. They were on their way to it, until a series of minor glitches allowed G2 to level the match.

In a battle between the two teams, Faker makes a few mistakes that allow his rivals to get back on top. A camera focuses on the player, who is seen shivering and looking very serious. In the end, he would end up losing the semi-finals with a reaction never seen from him …

S1mple — CS:GO — ESL Cologne

Aleksandr Kostyliev ‘S1mple’ is considered by many to be one of the best active Counter Strike players. His handling of the AWP is spectacular and no one doubts his great skills, but he has a big problem: he gets angry very easily and can’t always control his anger at him.

This became evident at the 2017 ESL Cologne, when, wearing the Na’Vi’ jersey in the semi-finals, he faced Cloud 9. The resounding loss to the Americans brought out the wildest side of the player, who struck a heavy blow to the table when his people left after losing.

Leffen —Smash Bros — The Big House

The Big House quarterfinals, one of the biggest tournaments on the competitive Smash Bros. circuit . William Peter ‘Leffen’, a Swede who competes for TSM in several fighting titles, faces ‘Plup’ and is defeated 3-1.

As had happened on other occasions, the player cannot control the anger generated by losing and as soon as he politely congratulates his opponent, he throws the controller on the ground to the surprise of the entire audience.

Nono — League of Legends — LCS Promotion

Promotion to the LCS, the old LoL continental league. Against All Authority takes on

Sinners Never Sleep for a spot in Europe’s biggest competition. The match starts on time, and as we approach the 20th minute, the botlane, ‘Zarmony’ and ‘Nono’, start arguing and the French shooter decides to end the discussion by leaving the game .

It is true that he returns to the minute, but we have rarely seen a professional leave the confrontation because he was angry.

To make matters worse, they lost that series by a resounding 0-3 and did not qualify.

CoD European Championship — Fariko Dragons y Millenium

It is not about a single player, but about the two teams together. Final of the 2013 Call of Duty European Championship. Millenium, a French team, and Fariko Dragons, a British team, face each other in a very close battle in which both teams arrive with a march of exaltation and rivalry .

In the first stages of the game they already begin to express their anger and emotions, which seem quite tense.

Every play that goes well ends with the team taunting their opponents and yelling at them. Every victory is an opportunity to hurl insults and ugly gestures at each other.

In the last play, the British get up and celebrate effusively looking at their rivals and rubbing their victory.

In the end, fortunately, they end up greeting each other sportingly, although the match left much to be desired.

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