The incredible work of the employees of our logistics network

The incredible work of the employees of our logistics network

Employees of our logistics network around the world have done an incredible job in the last few months. The appreciation for the work carried out was recognized with an economic reward which stands at a total commitment of the company of over 500 million euros. This commitment in Italy translates into a gross one-off 500 euros if they worked full-time and a one-off gross euro 250, if they worked part-time, for all employees in force from 1 to 30 June. We also asked our service providers to extend the initiative to their employees.

June 15
Amazon customers donate over € 260,000 to the Department of Civil Protection
Since the beginning of the emergency, the Department of Civil Protection has been committed to coordinating rescue and assistance operations for people affected by COVID-19, as well as supporting the National Health System. In recent months, many people and companies have supported him with their donations. Amazon customers also made their own contribution: through the Amazon, Pay button to donate published on Amazon., over € 260,000 were collected, donated directly by Amazon customers in favor of the incredible commitment of the Civil Protection in the fight against Coronavirus.

03 June
Over 4 million items delivered to healthcare and government organizations
During this unprecedented demand period, thousands of healthcare organizations and government facilities have priority and confidential access to purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) and other supplies essential, through the COVID-19 Supplies section of Amazon Business, designed to be a non-profit service.

May 29
A video to recognize the Amazon teams’ commitment to supporting employees, customers, and the community during the COVID-19 emergency

We continue to deliver orders to all our customers ensuring their safety and that of our teams. We support healthcare professionals and deliver the technology to enable collaboration in virus research and acceleration of vaccine development. We support our employees, some of whom juggle work and family responsibility, and continue to make progress in our commitment to the environment. Amazon teams are embracing change and working towards a better future. For everyone.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Claims Airbnb to Keep People Connected
Airbnb had to suspend In-Person Experiences in light of COVID-19 but sought new ways to help its hosts not stop their businesses altogether, allowing at the same time guests can learn something new, connect safely with others, or pursue their own interests. Airbnb then leveraged AWS to create new online Experiences, offering a range of activities such as meditation with Buddhist monks, family-friendly magic lessons, and team-building activities such as making coffee with a professional coffee taster. Airbnb has also partnered with local organizations around the world to develop Experiences for Isolated People, such as helping older adults learn something new for free.

We asked Amazon employees to continue working from home
In light of ongoing international developments regarding the current health emergency, we recommend that employees around the world in a job that can be done from home continue to do so by following the guidelines and updates from local health authorities.

April 29,
Amazon invests over $ 800 million in COVID-19-related security measures

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