The Google Pixel Watch design seems to be changing before our eyes

The Google Pixel Watch is interesting enough as the first Pixel-branded wristwatch. But the design has now become a fresh source of fascination since it appears to have undergone a modest modification between its most recent appearance and its prior one.

Everything starts with the Pixel Watch teaser on Google Taiwan’s YouTube page (which opens in a new tab). Google posted a Pixel Watch teaser on its official channel last week, and both films appear to be exact duplicates at first glance, showcasing the Pixel Watch’s design in detail with the same perspectives and watch faces. When comparing the two, the display on the Google Taiwan video appears to be bigger (via DroidLife(opens in new tab) and u/chelowski on Reddit’s r/Android subreddit(opens in new tab).

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of screenshots from both videos (the older video on the left-hand side and the newer one on the right). The angle of the virtual light source appears to have shifted somewhat. Even still, the watch face takes up more space in the updated video, and the watch face parts appear to have been extended correspondingly.

Since the first video, one complaint aimed at the Pixel Watch has been that the bezels on its curved screen are unusually big in comparison to the finest Android smartwatches now available, making it appear old before it ever arrives. Someone appears to have taken note of that point of disagreement and adjusted the renders accordingly.

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The fact that the video has been modified isn’t shocking in and of itself, because the film would have had to be adjusted anyway to include the Chinese language, remove the Google Pixel 7 teaser at the conclusion, and so on. Making the watch face bigger, on the other hand, is a completely other stories, as it’s a significant component of the product’s design that’s suddenly quite different from before.

We’ve only seen the Pixel Watch from a distance, on the wrist of Google SVP of products and services Rick Osterloh at Google I/O earlier this year, so we can’t say whether video is more realistic. But, in any case, one of these movies is bound to be incorrect, or at the very least less accurate, than the other. Whatever transpired within Google to induce this shift, it has made things a lot more unclear for potential consumers who aren’t sure what they’ll be getting.

The answer to this peculiar query will be revealed on October 6, the day of Google’s October event and the complete official announcement of the Pixel Watch. We’ll also see the Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro, as well as perhaps additional information on the Pixel Tablet and possibly confirmation of the Pixel Fold.

But I know the burning question I’ll have throughout this occasion is whether we’ll get the original Pixel Watch or the special Taiwanese model with a bigger display. We’ll find out soon enough.

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