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The Austin Business Journal is a great source for local business news GBC Business Group. The website contains the latest news and top features from the print edition, as well as articles from the archives from 2011 and current. You can also find all of the journal’s articles in Factiva. It’s the place to go for breaking news and local business news in the Texas Hill Country. It’s free and a great way to get a quick fix on what’s going on in the world of business.

Know Your Capital campaign

The first step in a capital campaign is to establish your fundraising goals. You should have a minimum amount you can afford to raise, but you can always aim higher. Getting your prospect research done can help you better understand your donor base. A good capital campaign will also have a team of dedicated people to help you. It’s important to have a solid leadership team. A good consultant will be able to help you find the right team members and train them on the details of running a capital campaign.

Next, you’ll want to look at the latest business news. The Austin Business Journal provides news stories and popular features from print editions of the publication. Whether you prefer reading the latest news about the local economy or just reading business-related articles, there’s a publication that will cater to your needs. The Austin Business Journal offers a great resource for this type of content, and it’s free to use.

If you’re a nonprofit organization that has a major project coming up, you may consider a capital campaign. These fundraising campaigns are usually much larger than your typical fundraising efforts, and they help you fulfill your mission. For example, you may need to build or renovate a new facility, or fund a special project. Unlike regular fundraising, a capital campaign will require more careful planning and coordination among the various parties involved. A capital campaign requires the support of all your organization’s staff, board members, and even the community at large Industry Kitchen.

Another option is to apply for a challenge grant. Some companies will contribute money to nonprofits as long as they have the required goal. Some companies will match your donation, while others will decline it or have strict guidelines. Research the companies and organizations that regularly donate to nonprofits. If your fundraising goal is smaller, you might want to consider using a crowdfunding page. This may attract local companies to match your donations, which can be a great way to get more funding.

Lennar’s green rush

After a year of planning, Lennar Homes is finally ready to break ground on its 3,000-acre Guajolote Tract development in Helotes Canyon. Lennar has yet to explain how it plans to handle the sewage generated by the 3,000 new households. GEAA, the group that represents downstream neighbors, expects Lennar to propose a wastewater treatment plant. If Lennar goes through with the project, it will likely discharge the sewage into Helotes Creek or Chiminea Creek.

The company has not yet decided how much it will charge for the new community, but median home sales in the metro area were $450,000 as of September. The company is also teaming up with construction-technology firm Icon. Icon has already built 3-D printed housing, but this partnership with Lennar will test the concept on a larger scale. The goal is to build 100 3-D printed homes at the new community.

Fluence’s green rush

Fluence, a leading supplier of large-scale energy storage for the grid, has recently announced a $125 million private placement from the Qatar Investment Authority. This investment will be used to accelerate the company’s product offerings and expand its global footprint. Siemens and AES will remain major shareholders in Fluence and will retain approximately 44% of the company. The funding will help Fluence expand its customer base in both the U.S. and Europe.

While the United States is still illegal for marijuana use, it is becoming increasingly popular for many consumers to own marijuana accessories. Fluence’s Gridstack product is a reliable, ultra-fast storage solution that helps utilities maximize the benefits of their renewable generation assets. Fluence’s new funding will also allow the company to expand its investor base, allowing it to raise further capital. It has also expanded its digital offering through the acquisition of AMS, which built algorithmic trading software.

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