The 5 dances of Fornite and their videos

The Fornite universe continues to expand and the dance videos (emotes) used in the video game to celebrate victories have come out of virtual reality to go viral and even reach the courts. These are the 6 most famous.

If you don’t play Fornite Battle Royale , nothing happens, the dance thing is not just a gamer thing . The sequence of events is easy: Fornite characters have at their disposal, for a fee, an emote to celebrate their victories. They are small gestures or large choreographies that they perform as a ritual and that the Epic Games designers have created with very specific inspirations such as television series or YouTubers .

The popularity of the game is such that for months, actors, soccer players or singers have borrowed the Fornite dance emotes to celebrate, or simply to amuse their followers on networks. As a consequence, Fornite dances are almost universally known, reaching schoolyards, sports centers in all cities, soccer fields of all categories and the most fun offices.

Electro Shuffle o ShuffleShapes

The suffle is part of electro dance and Gabby J. David is a professional dancer and choreographer who is precisely an expert in this type of dance. Her dances facilitate the Fornite, since in them she moves her feet with rapid movements. In a viral video from 2017, the youtuber taught and presented a rhythmic suffle choreography , which has also been incorporated into Fornite dance emotes. In this case, both the movements and the music are identical.


The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is one of those series from the 90s that are already in the history of television and that have marked an entire generation. Added to this is that his protagonist was Will Smith, but the truth is that all his characters left their mark. Precisely, Will’s cousin was Carlton , who was played by the actor Alfonso Ribeiro and who presented a very peculiar dance style in fiction, which any follower of the series identifies.

Carlton ‘s Fresh Dance is in Fornite and precisely the actor is one of the celebrities who has denounced Epic Games for using his dance steps without permission or financial compensation. However, the courts have agreed with the video game company and have reminded the actor that rhythmic movements are not subject to copyright or copyright.

Take the L

There is no doubt that because of its simplicity and speed of copying, the Take The L is one of the most famous dances in Fornite, but the French soccer player Antoine Griezmann is recognized as having been his main bulwark to launch him to fame. He used it to celebrate his goal in the final of the 2018 World Cup in Russia and afterwards, he has not stopped using it. Following his example, many other soccer professionals and other sports disciplines have also done a similar dance.


This is one of the most elaborate and rare dances in the video game, it is a choreography that was originally created by the Korean female group Necrophilia . Although it must be admitted that its representation in virtual reality is not as identical as in other cases, the inspiration in this zombie dance cannot be disputed.

Floss o Backpack Kid

The backpack kid – Backpack Kid – before being famous, was Russell Horning, until Kate Perry chose him to accompany him during a performance on a television show where the young man recreated his dance step , rising to fame and also appearing the step in the video of the singer. The floss has arrived at Fortnite Battle Royal. The young man’s mother has also claimed rights to Epic and the movement has already been banned in some schools around the world.

Turk Dance o Dance Moves

Another successful series, Scrubs , has served to inspire another of Fornite’s most complete and followed choreographies. Some consider this the classic video game dance and the most universal, but it was originally created to be performed by Donald Faison, alias Christopher Turk, in the fifth season of the series.

If you have caught the rhythm with these 6 Fornite dances , you have a choice, since there are already more than 35 emotes in the game to celebrate your victories. Remember that you have to buy this possibility if you want to use them in the virtual world. However, if you leave it for the dance floors or your amateur sports celebrations, you have total freedom to imitate and achieve a professional level, you will only need to have your mobile screen in perfect condition to follow the steps.

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