Start Linux Reseller Hosting Business in India Without these 3 Mistakes


When starting any business, there is no need to hurry before analyzing everything, and before executing anything make notes that you need to implement. This is one way of thinking about starting a business. But, there are also lots of things that must ignore because they may cause problems in the future. That’s why we are addressing the top 3 issues or mistakes you should avoid while building a reseller hosting business in India. Also, there will be a few things that you also should know about a reseller business that benefits you to earn good money. Whatever plan you choose to start your business be it a Linux Reseller Hosting India or Windows, keep track of what you want in the package. But, now let’s take a closer look at what reseller hosting is first.

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller hosting is primarily a business development model that a web hosting provider offer to a person. The parent web host rents out a part of its web space or the whole hosting services to a third party to sell them out to their end customers. In this process, resellers can customize the hosting plans and package and make good money out of it. Also if the web host allows them to sell the hosting services on their own brand then you can sell them to your own company name. This is how a reseller business works. Moreover, web hosts provide two types of web hosting services that are-

  1. Linux Reseller Hosting India
  2. Windows Reseller Hosting India

Both reseller hosting types are reliable and flexible work. Though, Linux Reseller Web Hosting India provides great control over the web space as it is defined as an open-source platform. However, Windows also provides a good platform to host your customer sites as it is compatible with Microsoft Windows web applications.

3 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Starting a Reseller Hosting Business in India

Linux Reseller Web Hosting India

When starting a Linux Reseller Hosting business in India there are a lot of things that you should keep in your mind. These things may cause some problems in the future so it’s better to ignore them. So, let’s know what are these 3 things that may interrupt your business in the future if you do not pay attention to them.

1. Not Searching Enough for a Web Hosting Provider

The biggest mistake that many resellers make while buying plans is not making enough effort while searching for a web host. There are many providers in India that offer reseller hosting services but you should look for the one that fulfills all your business requirements. Also, that provides the best hosting services as half of your business depends on the parent web host services. Therefore, you should take proper caution while searching for a reliable host.

However, here we are mentioning Hostbillo as a reliable web host that provides affordable Linux Reseller Hosting India services. Not only does the hosting package comes with premium features but also offers world-class services 24X7.

2. Not Customizing the Package in a Profitable Way

For a reseller, customizing a hosting package is itself a bigger task, especially if he does not know much about the revenue model. Therefore, as a reseller, you should discuss your business model with an experienced person who is familiar with the company and revenue model. This is the only way you will be able to manage to earn profit from your business.

However, you can customize the Linux Reseller Hosting Plans India to increase the cost price and mark it up so that it can match enough profit. Many parent hosts do not allow resellers to customize the plan but here comes Hostbillo as the best host. As they allow every reseller to customize the Linux Reseller Hosting India Plans so that you make enough profit. 

3. Not Investing Adequately in Marketing

Reseller hosting plans automatically comes at a lower price than web hosting services. As you have already saved enough money to start a business but now is the time to invest some to market your business. Most resellers do lack this in their businesses. But if you want your business to be recognized by your brand then you should spend some money on branding it.

This is good for the future of your business too as if you do not want to be a reseller and desire to be a provider. By now, you will have already built up a strong client base, so your web hosting business will not be a problem. So, make more efforts and get a good profit to start your Linux Reseller Hosting India business.


So, as the article says all the things you should not make when starting a Linux Reseller Hosting business in India. By avoiding these steps you can establish a strong and stable web hosting company. And, when it comes to a reliable host than as the article already has mentioned Hostbillo is the Best Linux Reseller Hosting Provider in India. You can make great profits from your business as it provides cheap plans and packages that everyone can afford. So, this is all you need to know before starting a Linux Reseller Web Hosting India business.