The Life and Times of Stamen Grigorov

Stamen Grigorov was born on July 23, 1996 in Sofia, Bulgaria to Petar and Maria Grigorov. He attended North Park University where he double majored in Neuroscience and Philosophy. His interest in neuroscience began at an early. Age when his parents gave him a subscription to the National Geographic magazine. Stamen was one of those kids who was always curious about how things worked. Why they were designed the way they were, and how they could be improved upon. In fifth grade, he wrote an article on the inner workings of the brain. That later won first place in his school’s Young Authors Competition…

Early life

Stamen Grigorov was born to a poor family in one of The Republics, a country within former Yugoslavia. After his father died in an accident at work. He took over as head of household, though he was only a teenager at that time. Through hard work, efficiency and thriftiness, he was able to improve life for his mother and younger sister significantly. He had completed high school by then. But he decided to not continue with his education. Because paying for tuition was becoming increasingly difficult due to inflation following. The Republics’ entry into currency union with other neighboring nations in order to lower transaction costs between members. Instead, Stamen began working full-time when he reached 18 years old (roughly around May 1st).

Childhood in Bulgaria

Born in 1959, Stamen Grigorov grew up during Bulgaria’s communist era. His family was well-off, but other families did not have as much access to food or medicine. Because he was bourgeois. His parents were monitored by a committee consisting of members from every community organization they belonged to. They felt like they had to report anything suspicious back to their community groups. So they moved to another area of Sofia (Bulgaria’s capital) when they had an opportunity. The move went smoothly and ended up being good for their family’s business. Soon after moving, his father opened a small factory producing electrical products. That employed almost 100 people—more than half of them women.

School days in Bulgaria

Born in Bulgaria in 1960, Stamen Grigorov grew up during some of its most turbulent times. The country was ruled by a communist regime until 1989, when it turned into a democratic republic with free elections. In 1986, a bomb planted by unknown terrorists exploded in his hometown at Sliven; luckily he escaped unharmed but spent time pondering whether or not to emigrate to avoid such violence. He attended university in 1980 where he majored in Informatics.

Leaving home

After a disagreement with his parents. One 16-year-old dropped out of high school, saved up some money, and left to build his own home. Today he’s turned that side project into a multi-million dollar business… Kind of. A few weeks ago I received an email from a young designer. Who I had been talking to on Facebook for quite some time now. Turns out he was pretty eager to write an inspirational story on achieving success at an early age . And so today’s subject, my dear friend Stamen Grigorov was born! The Macedonian sensation is only 20 years old as I type these words but has already started several businesses. (including Nomad Ventures), which have collectively made him into a millionaire many times over!

Moving to Canada, moving up

Who’s a nobody, but became somebody, in Silicon Valley, anyway? As every entrepreneur knows. You don’t have to invent a killer app or create your own tech startup to make it big in tech. There are plenty of people. Who began their careers at big companies such as Google and Facebook, only to later launch their own company. That’s what technology marketer Stamen Grigorov did when he co-founded LinkedDIn Canada three years ago.

Building an empire

During his life, founder Stamen Grigorov built a vast estate called Graceland. This included a castle complete with an arboretum. Temple to honor Apollo, garden houses to provide shelter for friends and family, an open-air theater, two bathhouses (one for men and one for women), numerous dining rooms, formal gardens modeled after those at Versaille in France (with crystal encrusted ponds). His vision was to create a mini civilization where he could indulge in every pleasure life had to offer. Unfortunately upon completion of Graceland he died suddenly—and so did his dream. The funeral service proved too much for his heart to handle; it gave out halfway through and he collapsed into an eternal sleep.

A true visionary, a giant in the industry

At a young age, Stamen Grigorov was able to see clearly into our digital future. He saw that millions of users would need a safe and seamless means of connection to their devices . One where they could speak a few simple words and get an immediate response. Unwilling to settle for anything less than perfect, he relentlessly pursued his dream until it became reality. The acquisition by Oracle was inevitable in retrospect. Though he no longer has day-to-day oversight at Oracle HQ. His insights are being used as part of many research initiatives. Achievements remain unmatched. His legacy will not be forgotten. This is his story…

Accolades & awards

Born in 1988, Stamen Grigorov is an American designer who lives and works in Portland, Oregon. He has worked for brands like Nike, Gatorade, Disney and Panini. In 2012 he won a Young Guns award at Eurobest Festival in Cannes. His company MAPI was selected as one of Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Design Companies in America. At 27 years old he had his first solo exhibition at Ricco/Maresca Gallery on Madison Avenue in New York City (link). The American Illustration Annual selected him as a New Visual Artist to watch in 2013. His work has been exhibited all over Europe and he continues to be one of today’s rising stars on stage at Graphis Inc.

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