Some Easy Steps For How To Clean Central AC Unit

For central AC units, it is recommended to check the filter within a few weeks to see if it’s dirty or dusty. Some people who have kids or pets might have to clean it every week, while others who don’t might only need to swap it out every two months. According to a recent survey by Heating & Air Conditioning of homeowners, only a few percent of homeowners swap out their air filters. We often tell that simple preventative measures like this can take just a few minutes to do but can help ensure your system is working well and you can save money in the long run.

From outside cleaning, the condenser unit is another important part of central AC maintenance. Only once a year this needs to be done but may need to be done more if it is prone to lots of debris. You can hire Cleaning services in Dubai for cleaning central ac units. It’s important to keep the area surrounding clean and debris-free. Tools for Central AC Unit Cleaning;





How to Clean a Central AC Unit

1. Turn off your AC as we know this is an important safety protocol.

2. Locate the vent, depending on the construction of your house, the central AC vent may be located under windows,  or on the floor.

3. Remove the vent cover and you may need to use a screwdriver to unscrew the cover or simply utilize push tabs to open it.

4. After opening the vent remove the filter. You can find the filter right easily behind the vent cover.

5. Clean the filter if in your AC vent you have a washable filter.

6. Replace the filter of the Central AC unit but if you don’t have a reusable filter then simply swap out the old filter for a new one.

7. Turn off the outdoor unit for this find the breaker switch outside under a flip-up lid it is usually located near the condenser unit and turn off it.

8. Remove the top of the condenser unit of your AC. To confirm how to remove the top of your unit check your manual.

9. For Ac duct cleaning use a vacuum to remove debris such as grass, dirt, or other debris in or around the unit.

10. Now carefully spray down the unit to remove the dirt, and do not leave the electrical box wet.

11. Make sure to completely let the condenser unit dry before turning it back on.

Some Tips For AC Unit Maintenance

_ Make sure there aren’t any beds, clothes, books, or other items which are blocking the unit vents. For your central air conditioner’s outdoor unit leave at least a 12-inch clearance around it.

_ Check for common problems constantly. Weak airflow and leakages in all types of units could indicate either a clogged fitter or create a blockage in your air conditioner.

_ If your air conditioner can’t maintain consistent temperatures then call a professional ac cleaner because a technician is the best person to investigate the issue.

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