Smartgraft Hair Restoration: Cost and its Recovery Procedure 

Have you lost the hairs on the scalp due to receding hairline or thinning on the crown? Do you want to get your hair back? If yes, then you can think about smartgraft hair restoration. Smart Graft is a device that works to execute the hair transplant job. It makes hair implants less invasive and is suitable for both men and women. With the help of this device, the surgeon can perform surgery quickly, efficiently, and safely. This process is a breakthrough in hair transplant as it has evaded the flaws of conventional hair plugs. It is specifically performed in combination with the FUE technique and is highly preferred. This process is not as invasive as the strip method and does not leave a linear scar on the head.

Procedure of smartgraft

This is an extremely advanced hair transplant procedure that can derive quality results. The device works to harvest the hairs from the right donor area for implantation. The hair surgeon will program for the extraction of follicles from the donor site. The machine would perform this important step to make smooth harvesting of hairs. Individual follicles will be extracted from donor areas and will be restored in a solution. This would certainly improve the survival rate of harvested grafts. The harvesting of hairs would be precise; hence it will not leave a zippered appearance on the head. Also, the device works as an extension to the hair surgeon’s hands. Thus, the procedure will be executed faster since there would be fewer steps, and not much handling will be needed. The short duration of the process would also evade the risk of poor hair growth quality and graft failure.

Cost of smart graft hair transplant

It is needless to mention that paying for the right treatment would always prove worthwhile for you. So, investing in this hair restoration treatment would make your spending valuable. This guarantees you get high-quality outcomes for hair growth. The system works to redistribute living follicles that can grow naturally. Moreover, the smartgraft cost is pocket-friendly as it won’t break your vault. Mainly the cost of this procedure could start from 5000 dollars and go up to 15000 $. But the price would depend on your personal goals and preferences. However, the treatment has a shorter length, quick recovery, and less manual handling of grafts. Therefore, the surgeon would have to do fewer efforts as compared to a traditional hair transplant. Hence, you can get it done under a reasonable budget.

Why choose a smart graft hair transplant?

Well, this is a general fact that most hair transplant procedures work to restore hair loss. But all are not the same. Smartgraft hair restoration has distinct features and working that make it the preferred choice. It works with the gentle suction of individual hair follicles during the harvesting process. Hence it totally evades the manual manipulation which is necessary before implantation. Also, the extracted hair grafts are gently transferred to the bald spots. The biggest plus point of this technology, it makes hair restoration neat and clean. It does not leave any linear scar on the back of the head and also does not cause any discomfort. Hence, the choice of this treatment is greater than other surgical hair implants.

Benefits of the smart Graft

Natural hairline crafting

This is the most alluring benefit of this procedure that you can count on. Smart graft technology has been developed to craft natural-looking hairlines. Unlike traditional methods, it does not cause hairs to look like plugs. But restore them with the natural structure by implanting them with naturally grown hairs. Moreover, the implanted grafts would survive with a high success rate during the procedure. They will be stored in saline solution after harvesting so the results would be quality-driven. The implanted hairs will grow back in full length and correct shape to deliver natural results.

No visible scars

Before harvesting, the donor area will be shaved by the hair surgeon to extract hairs individually. The device will remove living follicles individually and place them in the solution. Thus, the harvesting of individual hairs will not leave any scars behind. It will also make an impact on the smartgraft cost since you won’t have to conceal the linear scar later. Also, you can keep the hairs shorter in length due to invisible scars that can easily hide under short-length hairs. Also, the recovery from this procedure will be faster as no stitches will be needed to suture the tiny wounds.

To sum up

If you are interested in smartgraft hair restoration, feel free to consult with a hair surgeon. It is essential for you to choose the best clinic for obtaining this service. Choosing a board-certified hair surgeon would make a real difference. After restoring hairs, you will be able to see the visible growth of implanted follicles. Thus, the head will be covered, and you will be able to flaunt newly implanted hairs with pride.

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