Signs Your Relationship Has Serious Intimacy Problems

Intimacy in a partner is the dream of all human beings. Through intimacy, human feelings of affection can be fulfilled. Courtship is the initial stage where you learn to become closer. At this stage, you and your partner learn to forget each other’s egos to unite.

When that stage is passed, you will enter the real world. You and your partner will commit to live as long as you live and are bound in a bond, namely when you get married. Over time, marriage will enter a stage where problems arise, especially intimacy issues.

There are five signs of the emergence of intimacy problems in married couples.

  1. You feel something bad about your partner and keep it to yourself.

As a child, you may often feel afraid to tell your problems to your parents. The reason is that there is often an assumption that parents will still blame you, even though the problem does not come from you. This attitude is very likely you carry into adulthood, even when married though.

At this point, the word “keep it to yourself” becomes the most difficult part. When you feel something is not right with your partner, and you keep it, this will greatly impact the intimacy in the relationship. This will continue and is very dangerous if it is not immediately corrected.

  1. Not listening to each other when there is a big fight

When there is an argument, you will probably hold on to each other’s egos. As a result, you also do not want to listen to the explanation of the partner related to the problem. Vice versa. This is actually natural, considering that even our parents may often experience this. The key to this sign is trying to mature yourself and your partner. Cenforce 100 and Vidalista 60 to improve intimacy life.

  1. Decreased frequency of love

When you are pregnant or having a baby, you will find it difficult to have love with your partner. It is possible for the couple to seek their own gratification. This has the potential to reduce intimacy. This can have an impact on two things. First, you and your partner will start to get used to this situation, or it could get worse, such as cheating, divorce, or other emotional symptoms such as anxiety or depression.

  1. Marriage persists in a functional relationship

If in a relationship, you and your partner only dwell on their respective duties and roles, your household is in danger. This will trigger a loss of enthusiasm in the relationship.

  1. Your distrust of your partner increases

The most important part of your relationship is mutual trust. When this feeling goes away, other symptoms that will appear are fighting, withdrawal, lack of intensity in the relationship, and boredom in the relationship. Vidalista 20Cenforce 200Aurogra 100Fildena 100Super p force ca help improving intimate life.

For those who experience this problem, this is not the end of everything. In fact, by realizing what is lacking in you and your partner, the relationship will only improve. It is not impossible that you and he will become the most romantic and intimate couple.

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