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Discovering the natural world and all its wonders is accessible in La Paz. Beautiful things can be found in the ocean, such as the playful marine mammals that reside there, such sea lions. Historical records imply that sea lions have been inhabiting the area for thousands of years, making for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for snorkelers. Swimming with sea lions is a unique and fun experience for individuals of all ages. Therefore, taking up la paz sailing catamaran charters is a great activity for families to do together while on vacation.

These cheeky creatures can be seen sunning themselves on the rocks at Land’s End, a mountainous promontory off the coast of La Paz, before making their way gracefully into the ocean. If you take a sailing catamaran charter in the waters off La Paz, you’ll quickly see why we say sea lions believe these waters to be their natural habitat. The average male weighs 660 lb. and a female about 220 lb., but their bodies are so hydrodynamic that they move through the water with astonishing skill.

There is less evidence that wild sea animals are violent toward humans, but it’s still best to use caution when exploring them on your own. Unless you’re in a location with much stronger waves and currents than where you are right now, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll encounter another sea lion swimming beside you in the ocean unless you’re on a guided tour. Sea lions tend to congregate in deeper, rougher seas.

Younger kids or those who aren’t great swimmers but have a soft spot for animals would enjoy sea lion snorkel tour. Children can meet a sea lion and pet it, pet it, and even shake its paw while they are in the pool. An enclosed pool will serve as the setting for the encounter. The ideal snorkeling experience in La Paz for families, particularly those with younger children or who aren’t strong swimmers, is with sea lions. Additionally, you will get the unique opportunity to swim with dolphins on this tour. Anyone, from kids to adults, can benefit from the engaging instruction provided by the animal trainers who work in this location.

Even if you don’t feel confident diving in the same water as sea lions, you can still go on a trip to see them in their natural habitat. This is only one advantage among many of taking such a vacation. Boat traffic and tourists snapping photos of the sea lions no longer worry them. At times, it appears as if they are posing deliberately for the camera. You will learn everything there is to know about these animal species, and you’ll get to see them in their natural environments while they engage in fun behaviors. To see the natural environment in all its splendor, you should call Baja Charters & Excursions and arrange a space aboard the sailing catamaran La Paz.

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