Should I Buy A Disk Or A Drum Mulcher Attachment?

When you need to clear, thin, and mulch several acres of land, nothing comes close to a skid steer mulcher attachment in terms of efficiency. However, not all attachments work the same, and there are instances where other tools work better.

So, let’s go over some of the things machine owners should know when getting into the forestry mulching business.

What is a Skid Steer Mulcher?
When you need to clear out a construction site, disaster sites, farmland, or even do some landscaping, a mulcher attachment for Bobcats and other skid steers is the tool you need for grinding up any brush, tree, and stump you encounter. They literally munch through stubborn vegetation, topple down trees, and clear up land in no time, making way for new structures or crops.

There are two kinds of skid steer or Bobcat mulchers: disc and drum. They work differently, and while they do the same job in principle, they implement different approaches.

Disc Bobcat Mulchers
These attachments look like a large disk furnished with sharp teeth designed to cut through wood and brush. Disc mulchers use energy more efficiently than drum mulchers. This is because they store part of the kinetic energy and combine it with the hydraulic power your machine dishes out.

Disc Bobcat mulcher attachments can cut through thick trees without a problem, so they’re incredibly productive for clearing out dense areas filled with large trees. Skid steer disc mulchers also allow the operator to approach trees and brush at different angles or with a broader range of techniques.

The problem with disk mulchers is that they’re not the safest choice for use in populated areas or where there are buildings nearby. As a general rule, everything within a 300 feet radius is in danger of being sprayed with high-speed wood chips. So, disc mulchers are generally reserved for open areas, farmland, and forestry work. Of course, smaller options allow the operator to work in tighter spaces. Check out these Bobcat mulcher attachments for more information.

Drum Bobcat Mulchers
These mulchers come in cylindrical shapes and cover a wider area. However, they have a shorter depth which gives the operator a lot more maneuverability for working in tighter quarters.

Bobcat drum mulcher attachments are a better choice when the job only requires our machine to eat through small trees and brush. They’re also recommended for work in urban environments as they are less violent when launching debris. They’re generally safer for work around homes, utility lines, and bystanders.

This does not mean that drum mulchers are inherently safe. Always practice safety when working with Bobcat mulchers and equip your machine with polycarbonate front windows to prevent accidents. Much of the debris expelled by mulchers travels at dangerous speeds.

Who makes the best skid steers and Bobcat Mulchers?
While many manufacturers claim they make the best tools, only Spartan Equipment puts its money where its mouth is. Their tools are made with 100% American steel, resulting in attachments that last year after year. Visit their website and learn more about their Bobcat mulcher attachments and tools.

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