Shade-net for sale in Kenya is part of various products offered by Agri equipment suppliers. One of these Agri suppliers in Kenya is Eunidrip irrigation systems ltd
Choosing the right net for your crops depends on the climatic conditions of your location.
 Shade nets are your number one partner in ensuring increased yields while protecting your investment from harsh climatic conditions and the unpredictable changing weather patterns experienced during our current times.

 Advantages of shade net for sale in Kenya(i) Minimizes wind pressure to avoid damage to plants, therefore, enhances photosynthesis there a key process that brings about productivity in plants
(ii) Reduces heat stress on plants
(iii) Helps in water conservation as there is a low rate of evaporation hence plants can retain a higher volume of water contributing to a significant decrease in constant irrigation-conserving water factors to consider when choosing crop shading
(i) Type of crop/crops planted
(ii) Age of crop/crops.
 (iii) Climatic conditions of your location our nets are available in the following specifications
(i) Color: black or green
(ii) Dimension: 4mtrs (width) * 50mtrs (length)
(iii) Density/UV-filtration density: 35%, 55%, 60%, 75%, and 90%The top reasons for death at a construction site are falling from a high distance and being hit by objects falling from a high distance. Construction nets are great news to our ears because they are the best line of defense against falls and debris. If you value, the safety of your workers and pedestrians then you should invest in a construction net for your site. We ensure you make this investment while enjoying the best prices of shade-net for sale net price in Kenya.
shadenet for use at construction sites has been in this business for many years, therefore we stock superior quality items that will keep your workers and pedestrians passing by the construction site safe.

 Having been in the industry for a long time, we offer customized solutions that will meet the needs of your particular construction site. We know that not all construction sites are the same and therefore we offer customized solutions to meet all the needs of our clients. Our bespoke orders can also be done to meet your scaffold designs and sizes.

 Our construction nets meet the required international standards. we have a reputable brand in the market which means you will not be penalized and that the safety of your workers and pedestrians at the construction site is guaranteed. We only supply construction nets from registered and renowned manufacturers. We stock both knotted and knotless construction nets. Some densely mesh while others are not meet all your needs.
 Are you worried about the construction net price in Kenya?

Don’t because our solutions offer the safest and most effective means of fall prevention at a construction site. When compared to all other methods of fall prevention, construction netting is the most affordable. Contact us today and let our experts guide you on which type of net to get for your

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