Red Signals That Tell You Is Time To Change Your Hearing Aids

Even if it’s possible that old hearing aids Singapore are an improvement over nothing, it’s likely that any advantage you do receive will be costly. In recent years, hearing aid technology has evolved. For starters, it has transitioned from analogue to digital, and there are capabilities available today that weren’t even in the planning stage ten years ago. Consider a few causes why it’s time for you to consider an upgrade.


Hearing aids that are older or even of low quality might have serious issues, such as the occasionally heard unpleasant hum. It would be wonderful to receive feedback anytime you approach a phone. That harsh feedback can also appear out of nowhere. Newer models fix common flaws so that feedback is less frequent.

Volume is insufficient.

Ten years ago, the main goal of hearing aids was to increase volume. Today’s hearing aids can help you hear voices over the noise, reduce background noise, and offer better sound quality.

You must frequently replace the batteries.

When it comes to upgrading your hearing aids, cost is always a consideration. The cost of the new technology is comparable to that of wearing dated, outdated hearing aids. Analog devices need new batteries a lot. The cost increases if you have to replace the battery every day or even more frequently than that.

Older hearing aids may require more time in the store. You can understand this if you imagine your hearing aid as a 1992 Buick. More often than not, it is in the shop, and repairs are expensive.

Smart technology is commonplace today.

A lot of contemporary hearing aids are Bluetooth-capable. Your digital hearing aid is compatible with your phone, computer, and possibly even your television (if it isn’t more than 10 years old) if Bluetooth is incorporated into it.

At work, you can’t hear anything

According to studies, hearing loss can result in a reduced salary. Then, it stands to reason that having better hearing aids would be beneficial to your career. You’ll be able to hear your boss and clients better. You won’t second guess yourself when following instructions, and you won’t worry about your hearing aids failing you during crucial talks.

Of course, improved communication also results in improved quality of life. You’re not required to remain silent during chats any longer. Jump in and start interacting with those around you.

You’re trying to find something more subdued.

What words come to mind when you see your old hearing aid in the mirror? Clunky? Obvious? OMG? Style and adaptability are two of the biggest advantages of updating ageing hearing aids. The styles, colours, and sizes of today’s hearing aids are diverse. If you want to create a fashion statement, wear a hearing aid in your favourite colour that is visible rather than hiding it behind your ear.

It’s not a brain operation. It’s time to upgrade your hearing aids if you’ve had them for longer than three years so you can hear better.

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