PewDiePie breaks record and is the first Youtuber to reach 50 million

PewDiePie is one of the most well-known Youtubers in the world. Opinions about him are quite different. While many idolize him as an internet business model, others criticize the somewhat forced way he makes his videos.

However, numbers don’t lie, PewDiePie is number 1 in YouTube views and just broke another record. Youtuber is the first in history to reach 50 million subscribers on the video sharing site. If you want to know more about your channel or are curious to know more details about it (LOTS of money), access the Youtuber subscriber count live at this link.

To give you an idea, Vevo, the official YouTube video clip channel, has only 13 million subscribers and can earn up to $272,000 a year. According to Social Blade, PewDiePie can earn up to $5.7 million a year. Not bad working from home playing games and making videos, huh?

I’m a very hysterical fan of Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, or the biggest youtuber in the world, or a guy who made 7.4 million dollars in a year making videos for the internet.

In addition to finding him soooo hot (❤), I also think he’s incredibly talented. I’m not a gameplay fan, but Felix’s channel is not about games. In my view, it’s a humor channel that uses games as support. Maybe that’s why he manages to talk to so many people, 37 million subscribers and millions of other people who follow the videos and helped generate a sum of more than 9 billion views on his channel.

The day before yesterday , the internet was gripped by the ~overwhelming~ news that he made over $7 million last year. In 2013, there were 4 million. From one year to the next he almost doubled his income. Yummy, huh? But the best thing was the video he published responding to the public commotion around this value.


How can you not love this guy?

In just over 6 minutes, PewDiePie taught a lot about a lot — value of money, life, accomplishments, repression, war — but mostly about what it means to make content today… on any scale and for any type of company.

Talking about money is always taboo. In Brazil then… it seems that it is a dirty thing. I’ve tried to write articles about the creators market here in Brazil, covering numbers, but when I asked about revenue, I always received that offended and shocked face of “why do you want to know that?”. I want to know why I believe that establishing financial metrics helps the market to consolidate and to have parameters. Only that!

Coming back to PewDiePie… in the most honest, sweetest and most sincere way in the world, in a human way, he slapped people in the face with people who were very uncomfortable with what he does or earns. You know those people who like to reduce this whole shit to mere “idiots in their underwear at home talking to cameras”? Then.

“They think I have my ass on my chair all day screaming at a screen — which is true — but there’s so much more to it,” he said in his video.

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