Peter Davison – Actor – Peter Malcolm Gordon Moffett

Professionally known as Peter Davison, Peter Malcolm Gordon Moffett is an English actor. He has starred in several television dramas, sitcoms, and films. He has played a variety of characters. Here are a few of his most notable roles. Let’s take a look at his list of credits. It may surprise you to know that he has been in over 200 movies! Despite his young age, he’s already achieved great success as an actor.

After leaving Doctor Who

Peter Davison worked in several films and TV shows. He appeared as a regular in Rigor Mortis, a BBC radio comedy series. He married Elizabeth Morton in the late 1990s. He has three children: Louis and Joel. His sons Joel played himself in the television series Stranded. He also played a role in the film The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot.

Davison has also appeared in films

Including “All Creatures Great and Small” and “Doctor Who”. He also played the Fifth Doctor in a charity special, “Dimensions in Time.” As a result, Davison has appeared in a number of direct-to-video dramas with other Doctor Who alumni. In addition to his many TV roles, Davison also starred in several direct-to-video dramas by BBV, including the bestselling audio drama Phantasmagoria. In addition to this, he also starred in the Ice Warrior adventure, Red Dawn, with his daughter.

Although the Fifth Doctor era is not as good as its predecessors

Davison’s work is still highly regarded. He starred in a 1992 play titled The Decorator and acted alongside Gabrielle Drake. The actress, who would later become a legendary sci-fi star in Gerry Anderson’s UFO, acted in several other television shows, including the infamous “Au Pair Girls.”

In addition to television

Davison has worked in theater. He starred in Neil Simon’s “Barefoot in the Park” at the Apollo Theatre, “Arsenic and Old Lace” at the Chi Chester Festival Theatre, and “The Last Yankee” at the Gielgud Theatre. In his early career, he starred in the children’s series, All Creatures Great and Small.

In his later life

Davison continued to work in theater, but he mainly starred in television shows. He also starred in a 1992 play called “The Decorator.” He starred alongside Gabrielle Drake, a British actress who would later achieve fame in films like UFO and the classic comedy “Au Pair Girls.” Sadly, the star has never married. His first wife, a songwriter, is the mother of his son Nick.

Davison’s career as an actor started at a very young age

He appeared in two films before he was 20. One of them was a straight-to-video atrocity titled “Parting Shots”. The director was Michael Winner, the director of the film. As an actor, he starred in many British TV shows. His work as a director is particularly impressive, despite the fact that he’s only made two films.

Peter Davison grew up in Woking, Surrey

His interest in acting began at a young age when he joined the amateur dramatics society there. He attended the Central School of Speech and Drama, where he obtained his Masters degree in 1971. For the next few years, he worked in repertory theater. In 1977, he starred in the children’s television series “Au Pair Girls.” This was Davison’s first marriage, and his daughter subsequently went on to marry the actress Sandra Dickinson.

At home with the Braithwaites was Davison’s breakout role

After the success of the show, he also starred in the acclaimed sitcom The Complete Guide to Parenting. His next major role was in the movie Fear, Stress, and Anger, where he starred alongside the actress Georgia Moffett. In 1983, he starred as King Arthur in the musical “Spamalot”. He married his former girlfriend, Elizabeth Morton. He and the actress have two sons, Joel and Louis.

Hewitt and Davison were both part of the ITV Sci-Fi series The Tomorrow People

Their roles were similar in style, but the two actors were wildly different in appearance. In the show, they appeared together in a three-part story titled “A Man For Emily”. The second-and-third Doctors of the series were co-starred by Patrick Troughton. Both men starred in The Future, which was the second season of the show.