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If you’d like to get paid to write personal development guest posts, you should consider submitting your articles to sites that cater to writers in this field. Some of these websites include Copyblogger, Life Optimizer, and Content marketing institute. These are just a few of the many opportunities available. These sites are full of talented writers who are eager to share their knowledge with readers. It is a platform to share the experimentation with truth, and also a platform to learn how to manage the challenges of life at different stages. We welcome the writers who are passionate to Self Development + Write For Us.

Content marketing institute

If you’ve ever wanted to start a content marketing program but were unsure where to begin, the Content Marketing Institute can help. The institute offers an education and consulting group that has helped more than five hundred companies, including fifteen Fortune 100 companies. Its clients include NASA, Capital One, and McCormick Spices. Porter also has written two books on the topic. One of them, Experiences: The Seventh Era of Marketing, has sold millions of copies and been called “a treatise for marketers looking to lead the innovation of business in the 21st century.”


If you’re a blogger and you’d like to earn money through writing guest posts, Copyblogger might be a good fit for you. The site is an authority on content marketing and requires exceptional writing skills. You’ll find that there are three pillars of effective content marketing: compelling headlines, engaging articles, and effective sales copy.

Aim for quality over quantity. When writing guest posts, you must balance quality and quantity. Leo Laporte, for instance, has a background in journalism, which gave him an edge over other bloggers. But it takes planning and meticulous scheduling to achieve success. You need to make sure that you can write good posts consistently, and not let too long pass between each submission.

Guest posting is an excellent way to build your website’s profile and get links to your site. But it can be stressful if you’re not careful. Before reaching out for a guest post, write a draft to make sure your content is good.


There are a few ways to get your name out there as a guest post writer on Medium. First, you can sign up. You can use your Facebook or Google account to sign in to the Medium site. Once you’re logged in, you can start writing your posts. You should make sure that your posts are relevant to your audience.

Medium has over 12,000 publications, and some of them are geared towards personal development. You can submit articles about self-improvement, personal finance, or life lessons. The editors look for high quality content, so make sure your content is well researched. These blogs pay well, too: each article is worth $500.

Life Optimizer

Life Optimizer is a personal development guest post site that focuses on the importance of personal growth and effectiveness. By writing on this site, you can share your expertise with the community and earn exposure. The content on the site is relevant and focuses on how to improve one’s life and business.


If you have a blog and you’re looking for a way to drive traffic to your site, consider writing guest posts. You can easily create a Strikingly profile and publish articles in no time. The Strikingly editor allows you to customize the text, images, and even correct misspelled words. You can even choose to publish your articles on other blogs.

If you are looking for a place to post your personal development content, look no further than Great Big Minds. This site offers many niches related to personal development and aims to spread positive energy. As such, it is important that your articles are unique and relevant to the site’s current topics. You can learn more about submitting to the site by visiting their submission guidelines.

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