Partner Yoga Poses 3 Person Yoga for Beginners Acro

You can perform partner yoga poses with your partner in the lotus position, or you can choose to be the leader and start from a circle. The basic 3 person yoga poses are all very simple, but require an open mind and connection with your partner. Here are some basic poses: Flying Down Dog, Plank Press, Fish on a Rock, and Downward Dog.

Flying Down Dog pose

This balancing pose is similar to a puppy-dog pose and should be done with your partner one foot away from the wall. It will open your shoulders and is a gentle shoulder opener. Begin by standing with your feet six inches apart and reach your hands behind your partner’s legs. Then reach your hands behind his/her legs and grab his/her shins.

For a beginner, this pose looks challenging, but is easy to do with your partner. It requires two people who are hip-width apart with their hands overhead. Pressing into your partner’s chest will deepen the stretch and create a slight arch in their back. Boat pose is also easy for couples and forms a W in the air.

As with any yoga pose, the basic idea is to make sure you engage your core strength, legs, and arms. While performing this yoga movement, it’s essential to stay focused on your partner and the form. You should also seek guidance from an experienced professional who can spot you while you’re learning the basics. Luckily, the practice of acro yoga is growing in popularity, and acro yoga classes are popping up all over the place.

Plank Press

Plank Press is one of the most basic 2 person yoga poses. It starts with the base lying on the floor with her legs out in front of her. The base then bends her knees and places her feet on her flyer’s hips. The flyer then leans into her base’s legs, leaning forward with a slight bend in her knees.

The Plank Press: This challenging pose requires a partner. This variation of the classic plank is a great shoulder opener. Your partner will need to stand at least six inches away from you. Then, reach your hands behind your legs and grasp your partner’s shins.

Beginner acro yoga poses are challenging, but they aren’t complicated. Practicing these poses with a partner requires a relaxed attitude, and a connection between the two people. It’s important to warm up with full-body stretching and full-body warm-ups before learning these advanced poses.

Fish on a Rock

Fish on a rock is one of the most basic Acro poses, and is a good one to start with. It is easy to learn, but you should always practise in a safe place with a spotter. Beginners should also attend an Acro yoga class with an instructor to help them progress safely.

The first person in the pose will fold from the hips, stopping just before the opposite person comes out, then slowly lowers their back onto their own back. Be careful, this forward fold is difficult for some people with tight hamstrings and you should practice it slowly to find the right balance. The advanced version of this pose will help strengthen the hamstrings and strengthen the spine.

The base of the pose is elevated, and the flyer needs to trust the base to keep the pose balanced. Both partners should communicate verbally and with body language in the beginning stages of practicing the pose.

Downward Dog

Downward Dog is a basic partner yoga pose for beginners in acro. It involves two people, with each partner lining up from the rear to the front. The person on the back leans into their partner’s legs, while the person on the front bends at the hips and reaches for their hands.

To get into the pose, the person in front will first move into the downward dog position and gently walk his or her feet out to the outside of the opposite partner’s hip bones. The result is the appearance of one downward dog standing on the hips of the other. Once comfortable, the person in front should slowly reverse the pose, bending their knees and lowering their back to the ground.

Another great partner yoga pose for beginners in acro is the airplane plank. It requires good balance and core strength for both partners. To start, the base partner will lie on the floor with their legs apart, while the flyer stands facing the legs. As the flyer leans forward, the base partner bends his or her knees and puts his or her feet on the flyer’s hip flexors. The base partner then lifts the flyer up, while maintaining a firm grip. While this move requires a strong core and strong arms, the base partner should be aware of his or her partner’s movements, so that the flyer can maintain a straight line of movement.


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