Offer fans the chance to choose.

Your fans can vote most uniquely with “liking for A” and “sharing for B.” For instance: Do you prefer to listen to books or read them on tape? Share this article if you’re a reader, and add it to your social media accounts to listeners and vote.

Ask for the Like.

A request for a like shouldn’t seem like soliciting when you frame it differently. Inviting your followers to like your blog post when they perform an activity in particular ways frames the request differently. For example, if you wear slippers to the shop! As if you’ve got bobbleheads in your car! It’s not so much a request and more of a way for people to recognize the things they share.

Ask a question.

Seriously. It’s as easy as this. A question that is related to your business could generate lots of interest. Be sure to create an engaging question that makes people eager to discuss their answers.

Fill the space.

Remember those worksheets in elementary school, and start thinking of fill-in-the-blank phrases! It doesn’t matter if it’s for sales or to have fun; there’s something about blanks that draws people to complete it click here.

Ask an expert.

From classic quotes by famous writers or historical figures to the latest ones from motivational speakers and movie starlets, sharing quotes is an excellent method to gain shares and likes. It doesn’t matter if it’s inspiring, motivational funny, inspirational, or simply correct; people love quotes.

Play Trivial Pursuit.

It’s always enjoyable to share trivia with your friends – ensure it’s relevant to your expertise. Do-you-know-type questions can even spur people to share interesting, pertinent facts.

Start a discussion.

Find out what people think about a particular subject or what they are feeling about a particular change. If the topic is essential to the audience you’re trying to reach, they’ll be interested in the issue.

Include a Funny Friday posting in your editor’s calendar.

On Friday, everyone is eager for a good laugh. A funny and random post will earn you lots of shares and likes, leading people to share more of your posts.

Offer a discount for fans only.

Nothing can make someone more likely to like your page than special deals.

Create a network of your friends.

Do you have relationships with other organizations? Visit their fan pages and then share the link to their website with a brief description of the relationship and what you love about them.

News from the Share Company.

Of course, Facebook is the perfect platform to share the news regarding changes to the company and new offerings or specials. Keeping your followers informed makes them feel an integral part of your family.

Get industry news to share.

Are there any significant developments in your sector? Make sure that people know about it. So you can appear as an educated expert. In addition, you’re offering a service to your followers by keeping them informed.

Links to blogs on your site.

Each time you publish an article on your blog, You should spread the word by letting readers know there’s new content they can access on your blog and entice them with the title and a brief description.

Link to other web pages on your site.

Now and again, remind your followers of the abundance of information available on your website. It could be white papers, recipes, eBooks, tips, eBooks, or whatever; make sure you send them the link to one particular item every once in a while.

Post-behind-the-scenes images.

Photos of what’s going inside your office behind the scenes will always are met with a resounding response. It is a pleasure to feel as if they can see the real people who are behind the corporate facade and these photos offer them.

Create an online poll.

Surveys conducted on Facebook are like social proof rolled into one. People are fascinated by how their personal views and opinions compare to those of others.

Upload videos.

Perhaps you’ve got access to helpful tutorials. Perhaps you have submitted fans’ submitted videos or humorous advertisements for your product. Incorporating multimedia into your content can increase the engagement of your customers.

Link to various social accounts.

These folks follow you on Facebook; however, are they also engaging with you on Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus? Let them know where you’re active; they might even follow you on those platforms.

Promote check-ins.

Create a buzz for customers to visit one of your stores. Offer a discount, or make it a fun experience in the store somehow. This will harness the potential of social proof time and again, which will make more people want to come to your shop so they can check in, as their friends do.

Utilize seasonal content.

Alongside the significant celebrations and seasonal events, there are numerous lesser-known national holidays like awareness days that support diverse causes or hilarious holidays like “What if Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day” (which occurs in February, in fact). Make the most of the abundance and design your posts to encourage engagement.

What tips and tricks have you employed to increase your page’s engagement on Facebook? Did any of the tips we’ve provided prove to be particularly effective for your business? Have any ideas for your suggestions? We’d be delighted to hear from you in the comment section below!

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