New AMD Processor Promise faster speeds

These days we rely on computers not only for entertainment purposes but mostly. Because they help us do business which makes them invaluable in today’s world economy. And it doesn’t matter whether you want just a standard computer without any special features. Or if you want top-notch quality device as long as you know how important. It is get yourself a latest AMD processor inside your machine than no one else will be better equipped to offer you advice than this article.

There are many things that you need to look at when deciding. How to choose a good processor for your computer. First off let’s talk about what a “core” is. In graphic terms, it is comparable to a set of ‘brains’. It means that each core can handle its own process independently from another core in the chip (multiple cores). A core is basically like having multiple smaller processors working. For you simultaneously that share data with each other if necessary. 

What is an octa core processor?

 Well, simply put, it is a processor with 8 cores. A Core 2 Duo processor is a 2-core processor and a core i3 processor is a 3-core processor, similarly an AMD quad core processor is a 4-core processor.

What is number of threads in an AMD processor?

 Processors are also rate in term of “cores” meaning number of “brains” they have, the more cores the better the overall performance of the processor. 1 core – 1 brain, 2 core – 2 brains, 4 cores – 4 cores. When your processor is processing a “thread”(just like that you are processing an object), it basically shares resources (data, memory, etc.) between all the “brains” that. Are present in the processor which makes it run more efficiently. 

A processor with 8 cores may do its job more quickly. If it has 2 or more threads to work with, however a processor with 12 cores may not necessarily have an advantage even if it has 10 threads to work with. 1 thread – 1 object. Threads usually are independent from each other. So they usually do their own thing instead of sharing things with everyone else. As you can see, having the same number of cores doesn’t always mean. That the processor is faster, take for example two processors. That have the same number of cores but the one with more threads may behave in future better in CPU intensive situations because of its extra “brains”. 

But what does that “speed” number really mean? And how is computer processor speed measured?

Each processor has a certain rating called “clock speed”. The clock speed basically tells you how fast a processor can do one “step” or “cycle” in 1 second. It is usually measured in GHz. The higher the clock speed, the faster the processor is. All processors have a “speed” measured in gigahertz, or GHz.


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