NDIS Occupational Therapy Provider in Adelaide

People living with disabilities need help to gain independence. The national disability insurance scheme funds them to help them achieve independence. In addition, these people need occupational therapy to help in clinical assessments. If an individual gets NDIS funding, one must seek services from an NDIS-registered facility. Here are some of the best providers in Australia, Adelaide.

Ability action Australia

Ability action is a registered NDIS provider. The occupational therapist works with you and people close to you to maximize your independence. Therapists focus on psychosocial, physical, cognitive or sensory disabilities. This is the provider to visit if you want to enhance your ability to perform tasks. 

The tasks include access to the community, self-care, home modifications, and exploring driving or housing options. These NDIS occupational therapists providers assess your situation and offer personalized services. They will offer you all the help you need in the most effective way possible. In this facility, they offer clinic-based support and home visits. Occupational therapists partner with NDIS participants by utilizing the latest research and technologies to assess and design a rehabilitation program. That is why it’s ranked as one of Adelaide’s best occupational therapy providers.

Connect Allied Health

Professionals in the occupational therapy department are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). The objective of this facility is to offer support for children and adults. The facility is one of the registered NDIS occupational therapist providers in Adelaide. In addition, the facility has pediatric occupational therapists for children and adults.    

Pediatric occupational therapists have skills to target the following areas:

  • Sensory processing for autistic individuals
  • Fine motor skills such as coordination of hands and fingers.
  • Gross motor skills to help stabilize the body muscles.

Vivir Healthcare

Occupational therapists in the facility are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. In addition, the facility is a registered NDIS provider in Australia. The main aim is to encourage and support effective participation for adults and children. In addition, the specialists can help people in their school, home, workplace or community. Things NDIS occupational therapy providers assist with include:

  • Specialized Disability Accommodation (SDA) assessments
  • Simple and complex home alterations
  • Supported independent living (ASL) assessments
  • Equipment prescription
  • Skill development sensory processing valuation and intervention.


KUDOS is a registered facility by NDIS to offer services to people living with disability. They offer several services for kids 7 years and above, young adults and adults. Services you can get include assessment, care planning and occupational therapy. Some Of the hands-on therapy you get include coordination and behaviour support.

Better Rehab

Better rehab is another facility accredited by NDIS to offer support and therapy to people with disabilities. Their occupational therapists are well trained to handle all cases. It caters for NDIS participants from age 6-65 years. The staff helps participants get the most out of the NDIS plan. This is to ensure that their skills and independence improve with time.

When you get the NDIS funding, you must work with a registered NDIS occupational therapy provider. They will help with your plan and enhance your skills to gain independence. The list above will help you pick one that will suit your needs.

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