Mysteries and Secrets of the Salad Bowl

Salad bowls seem the same everywhere. They’re usually white, big, and filled to the brim with gorgeously arranged fruits, like avocado or kale. Whenever you see them on your Instagram feed, salad bowls always seem picture-perfect. And they’re usually the poster food for healthy meals. But there are traps and secrets that salad bowls hold. Here are some of the mysteries about salad bowls. Once you get through the list, you’ll never see a salad bowl in the same way again. 

Not Only for Salads

Salad bowls are a common sight on meal tables. But that doesn’t mean your bowls can only be used to serve salads. You can consider using those bowls to serve snacks, main courses, appetizers, and more. A salad bowl isn’t only for salads; try using it for other dishes during mealtimes. 

Different Types 

Salad bowls have different types. If you’re shopping around for options, you need to check the material first. Wooden salad bowls are also popular. The wood works well with the greens of the salad. Wooden or melamine salad bowls are also light, making them easy to carry. The last thing you want is a heavy salad bowl. If you’re thinking about hosting a party, consider porcelain or ceramic bowls. They’re sophisticated and look perfect for any party. If you want a bowl that you can use for more than salads, consider glass bowls. They look classy and can be used for a variety of things. 

Works as Decors 

Salad bowls, especially glass ones, can also work as a piece of décor. Consider a glass bowl of lemons. That makes for a charming addition to your kitchen table. Pick neutral shades. That will provide a dramatic contrast with the yellow lemons. 

Bowl Sizes

If you’re shopping for bowls, determine the size you’ll need. There are two basic choices: small and large. Small bowls are perfect for eating the salad. Put a row or pile of small bowls beside large bowls. The large bowls are ideal for tossing and serving the salad. If you want to save on space, though, consider collapsible bowls. They’re also a great option, especially since they’re portable. You could use them whenever you need to travel and want to pack a salad with you for lunch or a snack. 

Bowl Sets

You’ll learn more about salad bowl sets when you check out online shops. Some come with a lid and utensils. Some are stackable so that you can stack a row of bowls. Consider which of those sets appeal to you. Do they work with your interior, too? Since you can use bowls as decorating tools, it wouldn’t hurt to buy bowls you can use more than serving salads. You could also buy a bowl set featuring four of the same bowls. Serve the identical bowls to guests when they come over. 

Mix and Match

You could pick out different bowl designs and materials, too. Serve a different one to every guest. It’s charming, and they’ll have more fun choosing which bowl suits them best. 

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