Mediatakeout: All You Need To Know About News Blog

It is a trendy urban news platform famous for timely coverage of dealings in the African-American entertainment industry, concentrating on music, fashion, humor, movies, and lifestyle.

Unquestionably, Mediatakeout is the most trendy media outlet committed to the lifestyles and personal and social lives of African-American celebrities.

The news website has achieved numerous activities since its opening in January 2022, as well as the capability to put African-American Hip-Hop customs on a greater map.

It reveals that the platform has encouraged both alternative and mainstream African-American instrumentalists, additionally bringing its organizer money and movie star. The news, as well as the blog, features charming stories that depend on entertainment as also enlightening the globe on the significance of morality. As an outcome, I’ve named it the “Giant of African-American Entertainment Gists and Gossips.”

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Who is the organizer of Mediatakeout?

It is the pet project of Fred Mwangaguhunga. Fred was born to an African couple from Uganda in eastern Africa in Queens, New York.

His relations get details to have left America at its climax and moved to Washington, DC, in the nation’s north-eastern nation area.

He specified in business law and occupation as a business lawyer on Wall Street, advising trade on financial issues.

After some years as a lawyer, Fred decided to begin his firm to follow entrepreneur. The couple instigates a clothing store and later on expanded their function to comprise an online laundry.

Families and friends who were uncertain of the business’s sensation at the beginning slammed his verdict to leave the law career supporting a commercial venture.

Net Worth of Fred Mwangaguhunga

The organizer of this blog is a 10-million-dollar American industrialist and former business lawyer.

Wife of Fred Mwangaguhunga

The wife of Fred and’s deputy manager editor Noya Green, like her husband, has left her law profession to chase their commercial endeavors and later on began blogging. The wife of Fred is an African-American lady with three children as her husband.

Interesting information you didn’t Know about News Blog

Media take-out had formerly been targeted with individuals for instance performer Kanye West, with the most incident being in 2016 through Facebook.

1.  Facebook Page was demolished

The Facebook page of this news blog got disabled in 2016. The official page had almost 5.6 million followers when it got put down at the time.

Each month, the blog reaches above 30 million people. This is the most viewed African American newsgroup, because of their Facebook. Following the 2016 presidential election, it took the editorial column’s decision to circulate more political and social collision articles.

The stories went viral often, and lots of results in social transformation. Such as, more than three police officers got fired for misbehavior as a direct answer to reporting on police viciousness.

2.  Blog got charged by Kim Kardashian West for Libel

Blog gets sued in central court in Manhattan for not mentioned damages. It got alleged by Kardashian West, who was shocked by the event. The blog news posted hours soon after that she formulate the robbery and lied regarding the attack. The 3-armed heist got persecuted the next time.

When speaking to her on Tuesday, the website’s manager, Mwangaguhunga, did not reply his phone. The official website also did not reply to a message sent with it at this instant.

According to the court case, when the website posts a series of referring to her as a pretender and claims that she pretends the crime, it lacked a realistic foundation.


It’s worth identifying that it is the world’s major and most popular urban rumor site, with an expected 16 million visitors monthly.

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