MBBS In China At Affordable Fee In Top Medical Colleges 2022-23

MBBS Studies In China

Studying MBBS in China has become one of the most desirable options for students from India. China has become a safe place for quality medical education due to many good factors. In 2019, the Chinese Ministry of Education approved more than 40 educational institutions for international students who want to study MBBS In China 2022. The six-year MBBS program gives students enough time to study the theoretical aspect and the first year of internship.

Indian students can also sit for the NMC’s screening test (FMGE), which is also a great advantage. After completing the MBBS in China, students can participate in the USMLE and PLAB exams. No IELTS or TOEFL test is required for admission to MBBS studies in Chinese universities. Tuition fees are affordable, ranging from USD 3,000 to USD 5,500 per year.

The cost of living is also affordable. An Indian medical student can live comfortably in China on $150 a month. Every year, more than 2,000 students apply for enrolment in the MBBS program offered by leading medical colleges in China.

The admission process is simple and Indian candidates in the general category need only 50% in physics, chemistry, and biology. Students can expect high-quality international education at a relatively low cost from medical institutions in China. Therefore, all eligible students should take the chance to study MBBS in China and realize their dream of a stable career.

Courses offered by Chinese medical universities:

  • Length of courses
  • MD/MMBBS program 6 years
  • Dental program 5 years
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy 4
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences 4

What you need to know before applying for MBBS in China

Many Indian students want to join a foreign program to improve their access to education and employment. All Indian students have the right to study abroad in a safe environment. Therefore, students need to know certain things before being admitted to China.

Students should be aware of the revised and new VISA rules, obligations, and rights related to studying abroad.

Students need to know what challenges they will face when applying for a Chinese visa to study MBBS at a medical university in China.

Applicants should also be informed about the total tuition fee, which includes tuition fees, living expenses, hostel fees and the Chinese currency equivalent in Indian rupees.

Applicants should also be given information on the teaching methods of each university so that they do not encounter further difficulties in understanding the concepts.

Applicants should submit an active application for admission within the given deadline, as the number of places is limited and admission is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Applicants can always contact the relevant educational consultants to obtain all the necessary information on admission to medical universities in China.

List of medical universities in China

Medical universities in China

  • Jilin University
  • China Medical University Shenyang, Liaoning
  • Dalian Medical University Dalian, Liaoning
  • Beijing Capital Medical University
  • Tianjin Medical University Tianjin
  • Shandong Medical University
  • Fudan University Shanghai
  • Xinjiang Medical University
  • Nanjing Medical University Nanjing, Jiangsu
  • Jiangsu University Zhenjiang, Jiangsu
  • Wenzhou Medical University Wenzhou
  • Zhejiang University Hangzhou, Zhejiang
  • Wuhan University Wuhan, Hubei
  • Huazhong University of Science and Technology Wuhan, Hubei
  • Xi’an Jiaotong University Xi’an, Shaanxi
  • Southern Medical University Guangzhou, Baiyun
  • Jinan University Guangzhou, Guangdong
  • Guangxi Medical University Nanning, Guangxi
  • Sichuan University Shuncheng
  • Chongqing Medical University Chongqing, Yuzhong
  • Harbin Medical University Harbin, Heilongjiang
  • Beihua University Jilin City
  • Liaoning Medical University Jinzhou
  • Qingdao University Qingdao, Shandong
  • Hebei Medical University Shijiazhuang, Hebei
  • Ningxia Medical University Yinchuan, Ningxia
  • Tongji University Zha Bei Qu, Shanghai
  • Shihezi University Shihezi, Xinjiang
  • Southeast University Nanjing, Jiangsu
  • Yangzhou University Yangzhou, Jiangsu
  • Nantong University Nantong, Jiangsu
  • Suzhou University Jiangsu
  • Ningbo University Ningbo, Zhejiang
  • Fujian Medical University Fuzhou, Fujian
  • Anhui Medical University Hefei, Anhui
  • Xuzhou Medical University Yunlong District, Xuzhou
  • China Three Gorges University Yichang, Hubei
  • Zhengzhou University Zhengzhou, Henan
  • Guangzhou Medical University Guangzhou, Guangdong
  • Zhongnan University Wuhan, Hubei
  • Shantou University Shantou, Guangdong
  • Kunming Medical University Kunming, Yunnan
  • North Sichuan Medical University Nanchong, Sichuan
  • Southwest Luzhou Medical University, Sichuan
  • Xiamen University Xiamen, Fujian

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