Maurices Return Policy  [2022]

Allow Us to Assist You in Completing It in an Efficient Manner. The maurices return policy allows you to send back the vast majority of things at any time. When you go to the store nearest you to get a refund for things that you bought in the store, be sure to have the receipt that you got when you bought the item with you. Returns for items purchased online can be made either on the website or at a physical store.

Introduction To Maurices

The time limit for maurices return policy exceptionally generous return policy is exactly zero. You don’t need to worry about those jeans that you got before Thanksgiving but that don’t look as good on you after a few weeks have passed. Your ill-fitting denim will be received with no derision at Maurices, and you will receive a full refund for your trouble.

maurices return policy offers free returns. However, there are a few things to bear in mind, which is not much, and I’ll walk you through them so that the experience of returning the item is simpler. Thank you very much!

Ways To Get Back To You

You can return the clothing you purchased from Maurices either in-store or online. You can easily return an item to the Maurices outlet that is located closest to you, regardless of whether you purchased it online or in-person. Use the link on the website under “Our Stores” to locate a maurices return policy that is close to you that is open.

Remember to bring the receipt with you. It is possible to return Maurice’s package without having received it. However, if you do not have either the original receipt or the gift receipt, you will be given shop credit rather than cash for your return.

Wait Till It Opens

If the store is now close, you should wait till it opens. At this point, the only thing you can really do is wait. There’s not much else you can do. However, the retail establishment guarantees that they will keep their word about customer service and maurices return policy.

There are a few various routes you can take to request a refund for things that you have purchased online. Utilizing the online Expedited Returns Portal is the one that will get the job done the quickest.

Identify The Original Packing Slip

Identify the original packing slip that was sent with your order and place it in a safe place. On this slip, the products that you purchase are list. Navigate to the Returns page of the retailer’s website by clicking the link located on the store’s homepage. Enter your email address and the order number you received.

If you are unable to locate your order number, please contact the customer service department at maurices return policy. You may also use the email address provided or the LiveChat box. Select the orders you wish to return by following the on-screen instructions on the page labeled “Returns.

Print The Label For The Return

Because it was pre-paid, it gives the impression that there is no cost associate with the return. However, despite the fact that you will not be require to pay for postage, maurices return policy will still take the $5.95 flat rate shipping fee from the amount that you are refunded. I believe that the little cost is justified given the potentially limitless benefits.

Double Check That Items Are Securely Packaged

Before you deliver the things, double check that they have been securely package. The original packaging is optimal, and by using it, you can save spending money on purchasing new packaging. Please make sure that the return slip is attach to the box. Ensure that any additional labels have been removed, since you do not want the courier to become confused.

Ship By United States Postal Service Or UPS

Wait while the processing is done. Because you requested a “expedited return,” you should expect to get your refund within one to four business days at the most. Are you interest in tracking your shipment? Simply sign into your maurices return policy account, and you will be able to view the item’s current location. If you want to avoid paying the flat shipping charge, you can make the return using the shipping method that you normally use.

Pack everything as if you were sending it priority mail. Please ensure that all packing slips that were include with the initial box or boxes are return. Make sure you answer all of the questions on the packing sheet that pertain to the reason why you are returning the item. Put it inside the box along with the other item.

 Take Off Any Additional Labels That Are On The Box

Send your mail-in entry to the address listed on the website for ” maurices return policy.” You will, of course, be responsible for paying the shipping. When your return is lower than it would be in-store, this makes perfect sense. $10.

Refund And Exchange Policy Of Maurices

The return policy at maurices return policy is fairly accommodating, and you can get a refund against receipt using the same method that you paid with. However, keep in mind that this does not include the cost of the return shipping label, which is free at some other stores.

Claim A Refund On Purchases

Be aware that if you pay with PayPal, you won’t be able to claim a refund on purchases made using the credit card that is associate to that account. Before you may claim a refund, you will be responsible for paying the shipping costs associated with sending the item back to the warehouse.

If you made your purchase using PayPal and then went to the store to make a return, you are going to be in for a rude awakening if I don’t tell you now. Paying method or procedure. Method of reimbursement. maurices coupon Payments made using a credit card. Credit, within the next thirty days. Store credit through PayPal, redeemable within 30 days.