Mars in 8th house: Effects and remedies as per Vedic astrology

The eighth house in astrology is known as the succedent house per Vedic astrology. The zodiac sign that governs this house is Scorpio, which makes Mars their ruling planet. The eighth house covers areas like crisis, transformations, sexuality, rebirth, death, and personal growth. Moreover, it also looks after regeneration, partner’s resources, psychology, taxes, money, alimony, and inheritance. Mars in the 8th house shall make the native influential with the traits and characteristics of the Scorpio zodiac sign.

Let us read in detail the impacts of having Mars in the 8th house of the horoscope of the native.

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Mars in the 8th house connects with the energies of this self-sign— Scorpio. Sharing common energies, this placement of the planet shall provide the natives with amplifying results. However, it is vital to note that the favorable placement of the world Saturn is also taken into account. Moreover, the ruling planet of the eighth house in the horoscope of the native also matters.

Planet Saturn holds immense importance when considering the effects of Mars in the eighth house. It is a highly mystical planet and signifies occult wisdom and transformation. Negatively, it represents obstructions and troubles. However, if favorable, it helps natives attain spirituality and discipline.

Five major effects of Mars in the 8th house

  • Generally, the placement of Mars in the eighth house is not good for longevity if the positioning of other planets is not in favor of the native.
  • Moreover, it may create a Kuja or Mangal Dosha in the horoscope of the person. It shall impact the marital life of the person. Thus, it is advisable that natives must match Kundli Matching before they marry.
  • On the brighter side, natives who have Mars in the 8th house have energy and vibrations to tackle the hard times in life. Also, they shall have the enthusiasm to perform every activity in their life.

Other impacts of Mars in the eighth house

Mars in the 8th house of the horoscope of the person shall make the native see the following results too:

Positive effects

  • Natives who have Mars in the 8th house are full of passion. However, it might take them a while to express it well. However, when these people are on their own they perform their given tasks and chores.
  • Such people are hard-working in nature, but only when these people are interested in their respective tasks. Therefore, these folks become excellent researchers, psychologists, and investigators.

Negative effects

  • As a negative effect, people who have Mars in the eighth house attach too early with people. They feel trouble letting go of any person easily. Sometimes, they even behave over-possessive around their partner, not allowing them to be independent.
  • Furthermore, these people act highly obstruction-creator and impractical in their lives. They shall deny it each time someone reveals facts to them.
  • With Mars in the 8th house, they focus on each and every detail of the people around them. So, if someone lacks to put effort into something, they notice it easily and feel cornered because of the same. This also makes them petty people with a pessimistic approach to their personal life.

Remedies for Mars in the eighth house

To curb the negative effects of planet Mars in the 8th house, natives shall perform the following remedies. However, make sure that you consult an astrologer before doing this.

  • Take blessings from widow females and possess a silver chain.
  • Offer bread loaves, grilled and cooked to street dogs.
  • Make sure that you eat your meals in the kitchen instead of any place in the house.

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