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One of the most popular and trustworthy eCommerce marketplaces, Amazon is used by worldwide organizations to sell their products. This internet-based retailer has a vast customer base and is continuously growing day by day. Selling products on Amazon is not easy anymore, your product has to standout in order to sell as there are many sellers selling the same thing. If you are planning to jump on the bandwagon, uploading and listing your products can be a tedious job for you as it requires extra time and effort.

It is best suited for your business to outsource Amazon Product listing services as it can provide you with many benefits. Virtual Assistant for Amazon ca do this by performing the labor-intensive and time consuming tasks like bulk product upload, data entry, inventory management, etc. assist you in managing your listings effectively. As a result of which you’re left with ample time to concentrate on core business activities more. With special attention to the requirements of client, Amazon Product Listing experts focus on attributes such as SKU, informative descriptions, prices, images, quantities and URLs etc. to offer shoppers quality content.

Outsourcing Amazon product data entry or upload services can free-up your valuable resources. It can further minimize your expenses and assist you to stay competitive on price, quality and delivery.

Amazon Product Listing Services

The following tasks are done to enhance the quality of your product while extracting its information from variety of sources and uploading it:

  • Product title creation
  • Image extraction and editing
  • Highlighting key features
  • Writing clear and concise product descriptions
  • Product categorization
  • Identifying and inserting search terms
  • Amazon bulk listing
  • Uploading products with the sue of Secure Remote System
  • Data entry in CSV files

Amazon Product Listing Related Tasks are:

Searching the item before adding

The catalog management experts search for the item you want to sell on Amazon, prior to adding it. If an exactly same item is already present, its details are exploited or else a fresh product is added with available information.

Describing condition

It is important to provide buyer with complete and correct information about the product. With appropriate and exact product descriptions, the number of returns can be reduced.

Selecting a shipping method

Amazon product data entry experts carefully select a shipping method from the available options to sell the item.

Setting SKU, brand and manufacturer

Creating and assigning the Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) for your items to quickly and easily locate them in the inventory management system. The name of the brand and manufacturer is also added to the listings so that customers can choose correct product.

Quality review

There is a quality check that is done before adding a product on Amazon. Under it, all the fields and their quality are checked twice to make sure that all the information entered is correct. As a result, there are some fields like ‘condition’, which cannot be changed after the item has been listed.

For More Information

The experienced team of professionals at Data4Amazon has the kind of skill-set required to help clients with efficient Product Listing Services on Amazon. Data4Amazon ensures high quality, total confidentiality, fast turnaround and competitive pricing so that your Amazon store functions efficiently throughout.

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